Tell your story with video

Whether capturing a moment, telling a story, explaining a product, or simply communicating an important message, there’s no better medium than video. Video generates 1200% more shares on social media, than posts that are text and images alone. So why is video the new content king? Emotion. It speaks directly to the audience in the most emotionally connective way.

For Businesses
In a world hungry for content, words and text don’t capture an audience as much or as quickly as video. Bringing things to life with movement and sound adds dimensions that immerse and educate. Including a video on a website can increase conversions by a whopping 80%. It also allows you to showcase features of products or services that would be difficult to communicate otherwise. Search engines LOVE video and prioritise video content rich websites.

For Bands and Artists
There is no better way for people to experience your talent than to show them. Sure a picture or words on a page can describe your music or painting, but how does your band make them feel when they watch you? How does your painting look with the light shining and moving upon it? The only way  to  make  this  emotional  connection  is  with  video.

For You
Whether you wish to capture a beautiful moment, tell a story or edit a home movie into something spectacular – Branded can help you harness the power of video in a creative and cost-effective way.

BRANDED Studios Christchurch are home to two video and photo studios, three postproduction suites, a recording studio and an in-house production and marketing team with years of TV, Film and commercial experience.  Call us on 01202 476875

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