Thinking of downsizing? Some things to consider

1. To End Happy, Start Early. Once you have made the decision, begin to implement it.  Focus your attention on areas such as roof space, cellar and those full up cupboards and wardrobes.

2. Decluttering. Now you’ve decided to move home and downsize why not share the items you no longer need with others?

3. Use it don’t move it. Is the freezer full of food?  Oil tank full, etc.  Use up stored items well in advance to save the cost of moving them.

4. Recycle the toxins. Have you got a shed full of old paints, thinners, garden products or other potentially hazardous substances? You can visit for more information on hazardous disposal/collection in your area.

5. Keep in touch. You should ensure that you have put a mail redirect on your existing home in plenty of time  find out more by using this link or by visiting the Royal Mail online or at your Post Office. Keep a list of people to notify and ensure you do.

6. Plan Ahead. Creating a floor plan and use this to plan where your furniture is going, along with a route to get it there.  You may be able to use one provided by the Estate Agent in  their marketing details.

7. Surviving the move. You should put together a ‘survival bag’ containing useful items you may need to access quickly, medicines and things you might need when you take occupation such as milk, teabags, etc.

Castle Surveyors Limited has launched a Move Assist service, designed to help you at this stressful time.  Get in touch for free quotation on 0800 246 1002 or via our website at

t. 0800 246 1002

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