Meet Jacqui Sieger, your local artist

We talked to local artist Jacqui Seiger to learn more about her work and the passion behind it.

Jacqui was born in Swanage, Dorset, UK, during the second World war, while her father CBE was a pioneer scientist for the new invention of Radar and Colour Television.  This pioneering attitude has carried on through Jacqui’s painting creating an amazing 3D effect.

As a child, living near the South Coast of Britain helped to develop an early appreciation for the art process which she is so well known for now, with a love for wild places, moody skies, sea and landscapes.

Art was always a passion for Jacqui who, over the years, has turned to oil painting for a form of relaxation.  While she ran her own Horse Clothing manufacturing business in North Yorkshire, selling to many private buyers. It was not until early retirement when Jacqui returned to her native Poole in Dorset, that the paint brush was picked up again and the hobby has turned into a full-time business.

Over the years her work has been shown in USA and the Birmingham NEC Shows, selling to many private international and local buyers. To accommodate this enterprise Jacqui moved last year to a new home with a large outbuilding converted to her gallery and studio in St Leonards area near Ringwood, with plenty of car parking facilities.

The near mythical paintings by Jacqui Sieger highlight her staggering ability to capture the effects of light and shade of different atmospheres.  These paintings are cloaked in mystery and intrigue showing the incredible beauty of the play of light upon the earth.  All of which is still transferred into her prints on different surfaces.  Jacqui also prints greeting cards which are sold in many local shops and online.

Visit to see a gallery of work or call Jacqui to make an appointment to view her work on 07702 421980.

t. 07702 421980

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