Bespoke property design from Tony Holt Design

Award winning designer of bespoke properties, including new build residence, remodelling existing properties, working alongside self builders across the UK who want something special.

Tony Holt Design specialises in selling architectural design to self-builders that want something individual, special or unique. This can be a design for a complete new house or remodelling an existing building including extensions and conversions.

Since its inception in 2011, the company has been successful in securing planning consent for self-builders in 85 Local Planning Authorities across 36 Counties in the UK.

As a small practice of 4 people the design team work closely with all the Clients who also benefit from strong links with suppliers offering products to the self-build industry. They offer either a full or partial design service and can be involved in as much of the project as a Client requires.

The design process is offered on a stage by stage basis, so it enables self-builders to involve Tony Holt Design when they need their support. Some Clients engage with them for the preliminary design stage, and others choose to involve them through the technical design through to monitoring on site. Due to the nature of self-build projects they do not always follow a specific template, therefore the appropriate service needs to be adaptable to suit a particular project or Client.

I specialise in bespoke property design for self builders, that provides my clients with a home that serves them and their needs, delivering a great place for them to live.
Tony holt, M.C.I.A.T.

If you would like to discuss working with Tony Holt Design or have a project you would like them to look at, get in touch today.

The practice is a registered member of The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.

t. 01202 208331

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