A Word About Colour

Katie Thomas, Design Director of KTM Design and Regional Director of the Society of British and International Design (SBID)

We respond to colour in three ways – psychologically, personally and culturally – and these are instinctive reactions that we can do little to change. Some of us shy away from the colours that we had to wear as a kid, whereas others have a ‘favourite colour’ that they will return to again and again, but without understanding why. Culturally, there are common associations such as pink is for girls, white is the most calming shade and red stimulates the appetite.

Choosing which colour to put on your walls is often one of the hardest parts of your design scheme to decide on, and it is a big part of my job as an Interior Designer. Over the next few issues of House Magazine, I will be giving you my top tips on how to choose the right colour for your space based on how you want to feel in your home or place of work. It has been proven that colours really do affect the mood of a space, and every colour sparks a unique and emotional response in the viewer. Your scheme needs to look good, but it also needs to tune into your own sensual needs. As humans we are highly intuitive and all of the senses can be put to use when we are designing an interior.

Which colours make you feel calm? Blue or lavender, pure white or pale peach? Which colours make you feel happy and upbeat? These are often bold and bright, like yellow or orange, but for some rooms, a cool aqua blue might achieve the right energetic mood that you are looking for. By considering an emotional aspect to your colour designs and using the right colours for your personality and lifestyle, you will instinctively bring personality  and  intimacy  into  your  home.

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