New Year Resolutions?

Led-Zip can help create New Year’s Resolutions that you  will  maintain.

1. Save energy.
2. Save money.
3. Be safer, cleaner and improve on my waste.
4. Lower my carbon footprint and be more environmentally  responsible.
5. Make your skin look amazing… (Really.  LED light is  used  in  skin  light  therapy  treatments! )

We can help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions…

We offer solutions to your lighting problems.  We can design and expertly advise, so you can achieve all you want, Lighting wise in 2019. Switching to LED isn’t complicated – usually, it’s just a matter of changing the light bulb.

We keep a large selection in stock. Call into our Showroom for free, friendly advice. 

New Year’s resolutions sorted…!

For more information contact LED Lighting on:
t. 01202 577400

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