New Year Goal Setting

By award winning entrepreneur Charlotte Fantelli of Branded

PICTURED ABOVE: Charlotte Fantelli with Duncan Bannatyne at the premiere of her film Journey to Le Mans

How to achieve any goal you set out to this year.
Have you set New Year’s resolutions this year? Perhaps you have an ongoing goal that is tantalisingly close but remains out of reach? Whatever it is you’re aiming to achieve,  here are a few steps to keep you on track.

Remember the ‘why’.
What’s your motivation? It’s easy to lose sight of the ‘why’ when you’re immersed in the doing – it’s hard to remember why you started a diet when you are panting away, or the scales remind you how far you have to go. Same with business, it’s demoralising when a client doesn’t call or a campaign isn’t a success. Here’s when you remind yourself of the motivation, the thing that you emotionally connect with that drives you to achieve the goal. It’s this emotional motivation that will keep you going through the 6am runs or the midnight emails.

Break it down.
The old saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ is true. While keeping your eye on the prize, ensure you set achievable stages towards it.

See setbacks as hurdles not the end. Setbacks are inevitable, Donald Trump has had four Bankruptcies, JK Rowling had numerous rejections from publishers. If it’s a goal worth reaching it’s worth remembering another favourite saying of mine ‘fall down seven times, get up eight!’

Best of luck with your 2019 endeavours.

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