Intravenous Nutrition Therapy

What is it?
Intravita IV Nutrition Therapy (IVNT) gives our clients the ultimate body boost when they need it most. Using personalised IV formulations that are scientifically proven to deliver, the vitamins and minerals which make up these IV infusions are essential
for the biochemical reactions in every cell in the body.

The IVNT products we use are all vegan-friendly and are GMO, gluten, hexane
and sugar-free.

What is it used for?
IVNT should be used for supplement treatment only and should not be used to treat medical conditions. That being said, IVNT can have a rapid effect on how your body functions. Many patients begin to feel the positive effects during the treatment itself, which takes no longer than 60 minutes to administer. This boosted feeling continues over the following hours and days; it doesn’t take long to start feeling refreshed, re-energised and revitalised.

By helping balance our vitamin and mineral levels through IVNT, our bodies can be restored to peak fitness and maximum energy performance.

IVNT does not replace the importance of good food and exercise when hoping to achieve a balanced lifestyle but it can certainly help us feel more ready to
take the day!

Meet Shikha Rishi
I am a highly experienced aesthetics pharmacist and have a number of years training under the world renowned Dr. Katie Goldie in Harley Street, London and Dr Tim Pearce at Skin Viva, Manchester. I have therefore decided to base my own clinic in my home town of Bournemouth at the well established and respected Chic Beauty Clinic.

What makes Elegant different to other clinics is that as a conscientious practitioner I will want to understand your aims and expectations and together come to a joint treatment plan. This is proven to give much more natural, longer lasting results than a “one size fits all” approach to Botox and fillers.

I only use the most advanced techniques and products in my consultations including the well established Botox and Juverderm ranges.

I look forward to welcoming you into the clinic and begin our journey together to revealing the more Elegant you.

t. 07817 594092
a. Sandbanks Clinic, Tower House, 45 Commercial Road, Poole, Dorset, BH14 0JA

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