The future is bright for LED Zip

LED Zip’s reputation is growing year on year and is fast becoming the go to LED lighting distributor in the country.

We caught up with Nick at LED Zip to find out more:

How did LED Zip first begin?
I have been an Electronics Engineer for many years, more than I care to say!  This then developed into lighting and electronics. I took a keen interest in the rapidly-developing LED electronics, this was a brand new technology, and I discovered there were no local specialists offering any type of service relating to LEDs.

With my expertise in the field and a huge gap in the market, I decided to start my own business. After monitoring the market for a time, it was clear that LED lighting was eventually going to replace all traditional lighting. Despite being very expensive to start with, it was by far the most energy-efficient, long lasting and durable lighting technology out there.  LEDs use at the very least 50% less energy and can last 20x longer than traditional lighting. Our Business provides a Consultancy, Design and Supply service and also Manufacturing of bespoke lighting.

How have you seen the company develop over the years?
What started off as a one-man business in my spare room, has now developed into a showroom and workshop with six employees.  I remember doing our first exhibition, around 11 years ago and completely winging it… we managed to get a lot of interest even then. Funny, we still have customers today that we met there!

We heard you lit up St Georges Chapel for Megan and Harry’s Royal Wedding!  Has this been your greatest achievement to date?
This project was basically the ideal one for us, everything about it involved our unique selling points.  We designed the lighting and created bespoke spotlights. 
Everything had to be meticulous and we had the whole world about to be seeing our lighting skills, it had to be perfect. You don’t get much higher profile than The Royal Family AND A Royal Wedding.

What other high profile projects have you been part of recently?
The grounds of Buckingham Palace and most of The Royal Parks, (Interviewer, “Wow, you really are by Royal Command!”). We did The National Space Centre, lighting for Tottenham Hotspur football club, (interviewer groans) and Manchester City at The Etihad Stadium (another groan).

We have also created the lighting for many of the sports halls in Dorset, lit up The Bic and the Pavilion in Bournemouth and John Lewis on Oxford Street. In fact, we even lit up Elton John’s pond!

How do you see the company growing from now on?
We are doing more and more industrial and commercial work, which is having a snowball effect, as more and more businesses realise the massive savings involved, not only financially, but environmentally too.  We are doing more and more work around the country, another showroom might be necessary!

We have saved companies thousands of pounds annually on their energy bill, reduced their carbon emissions, and limited their wastage as LEDs last far longer than traditional lighting so you aren’t replacing light bulbs every week.

I see Led-Zip doing more and more bespoke lighting design, as the demand for stand-out and different one-off pieces increase. We have our workshop within our premises, and I can already feel, we are outgrowing this.

What makes your business unique in comparison to your competitors?
Being a small family business, we offer the kind of service, which is becoming rare in this day and age.  Warm, friendly and nothing is too much trouble.  We go out of our way to ensure complete customer satisfaction, are available to chat face to face and offer advice in our showroom.  We firmly believe in good old fashion values.

Our unique manufacturing capabilities make it possible for clients to apply our technology and product knowledge to any project or application that should require a special build or design.  We advise on the best technology to use in certain applications to ensure a reliable solution to any lighting problem and can offer lighting design services, energy assessments and saving calculations.

Many of our products are UK manufactured with UK sourced materials and carry with them a 5 year warranty that we stand by.

t. 01202 577400

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