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We talk to Jason Gadsby from Bayview Developments to learn more about the company and their future plans.

How did Bayview Developments first begin?
After nearly a decade in Estate agency managing 90 staff and 23 offices Bill Buckler decided to pursue his passion and so Bayview Developments was conceived. Remarkably, in its first year, the company bought, refurbished and sold over 40 properties. Soon after, in year two, the first brand new home in Southampton was designed.  That was 1993 when the UK population stood at 57 million, John Major was Prime Minister and Ford unveiled its new Mondeo range!

Ten years later having trod a similar path from a property and financial background Bill and I concluded that we shared a similar vision and so I made the decision to come aboard.  A move that eventually led to the Bayview Developments we know today.

How have you seen the company develop over the years?
Initially the developments became increasingly diverse and included the conversion of a Grade II * Listed Manor House.  The preservation and conversion of numerous historic buildings became a theme, and included the former Royal Victoria Eye Hospital in Westbourne, a Grade II Listed Napoleonic barracks on the banks of the River Stour in Christchurch, as well as a 19th century gun powder store next to Southampton water.  Having saved several heritage assets from redundancy and ruin and reinventing them into unique homes numerous accolades and a national award were to follow. As the company grew there was an inevitable move toward building a greater number of brand new homes, which remains our focus today.

How do you see the company growing beyond 2018?
“Building unique homes in unique places” has remained a key philosophy as the company has transitioned into new build properties.  We are driven by a passion to design bespoke homes and not create faceless communities where every property looks the same.

What makes your business unique in comparison to your competitors?
We are passionate about what we do.  Although now a larger business than when first created in 1993 we have retained a ‘hands on’ and personal approach. We are close to every element of our business, from the initial acquisition, through to the planning, design, and construction process. When customers talk to us they are dealing face to face with someone who has been emotionally invested in every element of the development!

We are also led by individual principles, and believe in regenerating ‘Brownfield Land’, I guess it’s the ultimate in recycling. In the last few years we have taken several redundant school buildings, abandoned factories, nuisance pubs, derelict industrial units and even an unwanted music venue to build individual new homes.  Diversity also remains a passion and after 25 years we are excited to be building our first brand new thatched cottage. 

What makes the south coast such a great place for property development?
The UK population now stands at over 66 million and lifestyles have changed, this has continued to fuel demand.  In the last 25 years Bournemouth has grown as a centre of commerce particularly in the financial services and media sector whilst Bournemouth has remained almost unique in lifestyle choices. We have the New Forest, The Solent and fantastic beaches on our doorstep and Bournemouth is highly ranked in the quality of life index. People are drawn to the area for obvious reasons; ironically, it is the same geographic reasons that make the availability of land for development so challenging!

What has been your greatest business achievement to date?
Our enthusiasm remains as evident now as it did 25 years ago.  We are passionate about unique design, unique architecture and the creation of homes that respect and complement the surroundings.   When you are passionate you become good at what you do, then your business becomes genuine – people want to work with genuine brands and genuine people.  We like to think it’s a circle of success. We also like to think that our back catalogue has stood the test of time, a testament to our design principles.

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