Your teeth fixed in a day

At Dorset Dental Clinic we are now able to secure fixed teeth onto implants placed into your jawbone all within 3-4 hours from start to finish.

Whether you have a few remaining teeth and are struggling with your partial dentures or indeed if you have full dentures and find them difficult, we can help you have fixed teeth in one day. The technique can also be applied to both the upper and lower jaws, and can even be carried out in both jaws in the same day. In addition, the procedure is painless and can be carried out under sedation for our more nervous patients, and post operative discomfort is kept to a minimum with simple painkillers

Over the last year or so we have worked closely with our in-house technician Emily Whitmarsh to develop predictable and accurate techniques which are proving a huge hit with the patients we are providing this treatment for.

After a short period of consultation, we plan your treatment very carefully and give you a written estimate of charges. Assuming all goes well with the consultation and examination process (usually just two short visits), we then book you in for implant placement and at the same time our technician is on hand to construct your new teeth.

The teeth provided on day one we term as provisional teeth, as soft tissue changes and technical constraints prevent us from securing on your final teeth from day one. However, only 2 or 3 short painless visits are required 4 months after your initial “teeth in a day” appointment, for us to construct your final definitive teeth.

ABOVE: Some before and after photographs of a patient who had this treatment

Here are some of the comments we have had from our patients.

“Having decided to proceed with implants, I considered the alternatives and entrusted the work to a dental team that clearly had very considerable experience of the procedure. After some tests, Philip McCauley advised that he could insert implants and an interim set of fixed upper teeth the same day. My wife then decided to have a similar treatment and we are both delighted and impressed with the results. Walk in with a denture and walk out with new teeth!”
– Mr G.M., Retired Engineer

“Having tried dentures to no avail and feeling totally frustrated, I was referred to Philip McCauley. Since having received my implants crown and bridge, Philip has given me my old mouth back. Where as before I was unable to eat my food properly I can now eat all things I enjoy and feel like a new woman with a wonderful smile. Having my teeth removed and receiving my new implants etc. I can honestly say I suffered very little discomfort and felt no pain mainly because I was in good hands and I would recommend Philip McCauley and this form of dentistry to anyone.”
– Mrs. G.F., Business Director

Due to the high cost of the materials, components and technical support required this treatment does not come cheap, and prices range from 9-14K per jaw. However, our patients feel this is a worthwhile investment in their future with respect to their ability to eat, smile laugh and kiss with confidence, with many patients saying it’s the best money they have ever spent on themselves.

If you are interested in whether or not this treatment is suitable for you please call us to arrange a consultation and we will be able to tell you immediately if we can carry out this treatment for you.

t. 01202 973300
a. Dorset Dental Clinic, 3 Longfleet Road, Poole, BH15 2HN

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