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We thought it only makes sense, then, that before we embark on car news and explore the twisty roads that the car industry has to offer in the months to come, we’d strip it down to the basics and share our own dream cars with you. If dream cars were to tell a story about the person, we wonder if you can learn something about the members of the RB Team through their dream cars and memories below.

Unlike Rob and Kyran, my entrance in the car world was unexpected and I never had much interest in cars – or so I thought. However, having worked at RB Prestige I can honestly say that I, too, have fallen victim to the hold cars can have on people; the power they possess to make people feel a certain way. Having said this, my dream car is probably the least surprising of the three. It is the truly stunning, and beautifully modern, Audi TT Coupé, named the ‘Best Coupé of the Year 2018’ for the fourth year running by What Car? Magazine. 

In my opinion, its body shape has reached icon status, punctuated beautifully by the recent edgier lines. Meanwhile, it should by no means be underestimated with the Sport packing quite a punch (302 bhp in 2018 to be exact!) Put simply, my dream car is all about smooth looks and attracting attention without having to do anything more to it. I can only imagine Kyran has something to say about that…

Since watching the likes of South Coast Customs and Fast and Loud on TV, the Ford F100 has always been my dream car. It’s the first car I buy when getting a new racing game, and it is always customised to the hilt, including different suspension, differential and gearing setups! Having completed my degree in automotive engineering, it is my dream to strip the body off the chassis and add air ride suspension. Next, I would convert the driving from left hand to right hand drive, add the new 3.5ltr Ford Ecoboost V6 engine from the Ford Raptor, for reliability and ease of servicing/parts, and add a full custom interior with all the current amenities: touch screen navigation, electric heated seats and air conditioning! Finished off by sealing and preserving the paintwork character that has been created over the car’s 60 years of existence with clear-coat. All of this of course would be done by yours truly, as a firm believer of “built not bought”.

My favourite car in the world came about when I was just five years old and it isn’t related to anything to do with the engine, performance or anything remotely mechanical! I didn’t  know anything about cars in the same way I do 37 years later, but I loved this car the moment it appeared as a Matchbox toy on the front room carpet. The Porsche 911 had a massive wing, long bonnet and it was red! Ferraris and Lamborghinis just became wedges to stop my bedroom door from shutting out the landing light. The Porsche had curves and everything…and big eyes! Something about it just stuck with me and still does today. There is a reason I fanboy over Lightning McQueen even at my age…and I think the Porsche toy my aunt bought me that day oh so long ago has everything to do with it.

The point is, whether it’s all about looking good, making them your own or the memories they carry, our dream cars are the reason we do what we do every day. From classic to modern, a Corsa or a Lamborghini Aventador S, we want to help you find your dream car which is, after all, just as special and personal to you as your first car (and we all remember those!) We hope this article has aided you in getting to know the team whose voices you will hear in the monthly issues to come. But, at the very least, we hope it has demonstrated that we simply love cars; and for this reason, we do everything we can to supply them in the best possible way, ensuring that all of the cars that pass through our showroom are given the first-class treatment they deserve. What could be better than having a team who collectively love cars in every way possible supply you with at least your #nextcar? Now what shall it be?

Jaguar F-Type R
This Jaguar F-Type R, available now at the RB Prestige showroom, manages both elegance and drama with every growl of its explosive 5.0 litre supercharged V8 engine. It is truly breathtaking, transforming your everyday route to work into a scene from a James Bond movie.

If the startling performance wasn’t enough, the luxurious cabin beckons you in with its Meridian Surround Sound System, variable heated front seats and the panoramic roof lighting the interior up perfectly. The tech this car offers is worthy of even Bond’s approval: keyless, powered tailgate, reverse parking camera and adaptive Xenon headlamps.

This Jag has premiered at RB Prestige, come and get your red-carpet treatment today!

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