Interior Ideas for 2019: Ocean Trends

Katie Thomas, Design Director of KTM Design and Regional Director of the Society of British and International Design (SBID).

As a versatile Interior Designer working on residential, commercial and hospitality projects, I find it interesting to see how current interior trends and design ideas can be applied uniquely to different types of projects. I have just completed the new Chicken and Blues restaurant in Winton, (which is now open for business), have started design work on the complete refurbishment of a Bournemouth nightclub, am designing a new office in Poole and working on some high-end residential projects in Canford Cliffs. Although these projects are all totally different, they are linked by the consideration of current and future design trends. These links could be through the use of colour, pattern, texture, materials, furniture or even lifestyle, cultural or economical influences.

I’m sure you have noticed the huge trend in patterned tiles over the last couple of years. In 2019, there will be a new wave of tile shapes taking surfaces by storm. Keep a look out for coloured fish scale tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, both in the home and hospitality environments. The focus is on tiles that have more fluid forms, with rounded edges and irregular shapes. Hexagons have been popular for a while now, and are still a simple but effective way of adding interest to a wall. You’ll see that the fluid, ocean trend is also applied to furniture, with arm chairs and sofas having a scalloped back to them. Keep a look out for these curved, wavy and ocean-inspired pieces.

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