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California inspired Emma’s dream of design intervention 

The secret behind the growing reputation of one of the region’s most successful interior design companies, Emma Jane Interiors, can now been revealed. It is the combined imagination and creative talents of one Hampshire lady, Emma
Jane Betsy.

Emma is the driving force behind the sumptuous interiors of many homes and offices throughout the region. Working under the namesake Emma Jane Interiors brand, Emma’s creations are ultimately a representation of her, and have been really impressing industry insiders and clients.

With a signature blend of French shabby chic and traditional English vintage décor, Emma Jane Interiors have built an enviable reputation for quality and tailored-made originality. Their aforementioned style, an ability to perfectly reflect a client’s taste, is what makes their services so sought after, with genuinely unique ideas and results time after time.



Interior design is one of the toughest industries to break into. It’s all about reputation, and to build a reputation the designer needs challenging commissions in order for their own unique creative flair to shine through and be recognised.

In Emma’s case, the commissions have become the bedrock of her reputation for class and style, with her clients becoming spellbound by her fabulous ideas and impressed with her ability to source the perfect piece of furniture, lights, or fabric to compliment their home.

Her success, in this toughest of worlds, owes much to her own adventurous spirit, especially to a yearlong excursion to California in 1995.

Emma had decided to become a nanny in the Golden State. It was whilst looking after other people’s children, that she struck her own rich seam of gold by discovering her natural talent for interior design. She said: “Part of the au pair programme was an obligation to study two college courses and I opted for photography and interior design. That was the start of my dream to become an interior designer when I returned to the UK.

After her return home, and whilst bringing up her own children, Emma dabbled in landscape garden design but was hampered by the English weather and the demands of working outside. “Eventually that deep yearning to be creative, and that desire to make rooms look special, became too much, so I enrolled at The KLC College of Design in Chelsea. The confidence that gave me fuel-injected my already huge passion, as I went from strength to strength perfecting my craft”, she continued.



The works of Peter Phan and Alla Shumeyko—whom she studied during her course— have always inspired Emma, but still has her own particular views on what makes a room special. She explains; “I’m convinced this is why I’m here, my true vacation in life is to create warm, inviting and luxurious spaces – rooms you would make anyone feel relaxed and welcome.”

From the tranquil setting of her design studio in Ringwood, Emma delivers her projects on time and on budget without compromising on craftsmanship, style, or detail. It seems Emma’s California dream has certainly come true.

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