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Re-designing or refurbishing your home can be a tricky task, and often the trickiest of all those tasks is brining all of your smaller ideas together into one cohesive, finished look. With this in mind, here are a few design rules I like to follow to help complete a successful refurbishment that flows with elegance and meaning.

  1. In my experience, having a hint of one colour in each of your rooms binds the whole house together. For example, you might keep all the curtain rails the same colour/material. Maybe all in a dark oak to make each room look indulgent and extravagant. You can also pick up on the dark oak with wooden flooring, and maybe the odd stool or chair. Don’t over kill it though—less is more, and a hint in each room will be sufficient to give the flow of unity.
  2. Paint all woodwork throughout the house the same colour. Use an eggshell paint to give a subtle shine, and likewise paint all ceilings in the same colour too.
  3. Carpets can be different in each bedroom but unify the hall, stairs and landing in one colour. Personally, I do like all the carpets to be the same throughout the house, but ultimately is it up to you. Keep it in a neutral colour and most colour schemes will blend in beautifully.
  4. If you have dark rooms, mirrors are a great way to double the light in a space. By placing them opposite a window, it will bounce the light to every corner.
  5. If the budget allows, don’t scrimp on your sofa. Do your homework, and go and try as many as you can. It’s the largest piece of furniture in your sitting room and an item that’s not going to be replaced again for many years, so get it right. Most sofa companies have an extensive library of colours to choose from so this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.
  6. Choose occasional chairs in a contrasting fabric. I love a bit of mix and match when I create my designs, and adding in a contrasting colour, pattern or fabric is the perfect way to add interest to the room. 

Hopefully that’s enough to get you on the right track, but please don’t hesitate to give me a call should you desire some additional design advice.

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