Diode Laser Hair Removal at Visjeune

Our Phenomenal Results!

For the last three months (or so) Vicky and I have been exploring the effect of the revolutionary Diode Laser Hair Removal treatment at Clinic Visjeune, and if you’ve followed our story thus far you’ll know that this was our third session, out of the recommended six-eight (for more permanent results).

So, if you’re currently looking for a lasting hair removal treatment that doesn’t cause you horrific pain, or break the bank balance, then read on.

Part 3: Our 3rd Session
At our very first session Lisa (our Laser Hair Remover, and subsequent Owner of the clinic) set the machine to its lowest intensity setting, based on our own individual hair and skin types, and each session after that she’s increased the laser’s strength. My open and honest review of the discomfort-factor, is that there really isn’t any—and believe me, I’ve endured plenty of treatments that are advertised as “pain free” that really aren’t. The Diode Laser packs some seriously neat tech, which unlike IPL Hair Removal targets the root of the hair directly with an intense laser beam, not light, hence better results and no damage to the surrounding skin cells.

Ok, down to what you really want to know: did it work? I can confidently say YES! In just three short sessions, I genuinely have seen results. In fact, the results have actually surpassed my expectations. Between my second and third session, I really noticed that the hair barely grew back and what did grow back was really fine. It’s funny actually, I had planned to go swimming on the weekend when suddenly that feeling of “OMG I need to shave my legs!” dawned on me, only when I brushed my hand against them to see what landscaping needed to be done, there wasn’t anything there. I will be going back to increase the longevity of my results, but I am already seriously impressed.

Vicky, who got her underarms done, has also seen some good results, but has been advised that it might take that tiny bit longer as her hair is lighter in colour.

The Need (and Want) to Knows
So, as much as Clinic Visjeune (and ourselves) want to scream and shout about this amazing treatment, it would be unfair to say that everyone is going to have exactly the same results. So here are some things to bear in mind:

  1. The laser works best with darker hair. Any diode laser will struggle when it comes to grey or red hair – It is currently ineffective as the laser can’t pick up the pigment.
  2. Whilst different skin types will all react to the treatment differently, typically, those with paler skin will see faster results, as the laser works more efficiently with ‘pheomelanin’. That’s not to say that if you have darker skin that laser hair removal isn’t achievable, but it may take a bit longer as the intensity of the laser will have to be weaker.
  3. Prior to treatment, you must shave (not wax, or cream) the area you intend to get lasered, so that it can properly penetrate the root.
  4. Laser Hair Removal is brilliant alternative for men who hate the burden of shaving their face, chest, back and so on.
  5. Typically, you’ll require somewhere  6-8 treatments for lasting results, however some clients may need more!

As a lead board advisory member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, Lisa’s priority is always the health and happiness of her clients. I’ve been in the waiting room of Clinic Visjeune plenty of times listening to people asking for injectables and advanced aesthetics, and Lisa will without a doubt always recommend a less permanent and indeed, less costly solution first. Moreover, Lisa is a brilliant listening ear and will often address the deeper issue of her client’s self-confidence, before going ahead with anything at all.

Take advantage of their amazing offer:

Get any of our Diode Laser hair removal treatments for the same price as waxing (approximately 50% off) at Clinic Visjuene!   

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