Apple Home Improvements: Top 5 Benefits of Composite Doors

Are the days gone, when a traditional timber front door is the first choice? It is true that many homeowners are looking for doors that are secure, long lasting and easy to maintain.
So maybe…

A popular choice, is the composite door which is very modern but still retains a traditional timber look and feel and is available in those classic styles, all be it with a contemporary twist.

What Is A Composite Door?
Before we dive head long into our top five benefits of a composite door let’s get a straight forward definition of what a composite door actually is…

Composite doors are constructed with a combination of PVC and Timber forming a strong and sturdy frame. The core is made from high density foam that adds strength but also provides superb thermal efficiency. Excellent durability is achieved with a GRP or glass reinforced plastic coating. You should also expect a modern composite door to have multi point locking which leads us neatly into the first of our top five benefits.


Top 5 Benefits of Composite Doors:

1. High Security
With a Multi-point locking system, a quality composite door should have a Secured by Design endorsement which means it will have Pas 23/24, Q Mark and ISO accreditations. Just by having a composite door intruders will think twice before trying to break in and if they do try they will have a very tough time getting past anti-snap, bump and drill cylinder designed to protect against the most common methods of attack.

2. Strong and Durable
A quality composite door with GRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic coatings stand up extremely well to everyday knocks and bumps and withstands harsh weather conditions year after year. Unlike traditional timber doors that may chip, rot or warp over time.

3. Low Maintenance
A traditional timber door requires continued maintenance to avoid warping, rotting or just retain the colour and finish, which can be very time consuming. The benefit of a composite door is that it is very low maintenance. The occasional wipe down will be all you need to do to keep your composite door looking as bright as it was the day it was installed.

4. Stunning Design
With a wide range of styles, colours, hardware options and glass designs available to choose from, you can create the perfect front door to suit your property. The options are endless, you will benefit from a stunning door design that is truly bespoke and high in curb appeal, providing that grand entrance to your home.

5. Thermally Efficient
Solving that draughty hallway issue and retaining heat is a huge benefit, improving the comfort of your home and reducing energy bills. Traditional timber doors can lose a lot of heat through the door itself and are often draughty due to the fitting, an expertly installed composite door will be made to measure, solving draughts and that high density foam core reduces heat loss helping to keep your home warm.   


Benefits of Apple’s Composite Doors

  • Thermally efficient and weather resistant
  • Wide variety of colours and styles
  • Secured By Design
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance
  • 10 Years Guarantee
  • Up to 33% Discount
  • Up to 5 Years 0% Credit
  • Expert installation
  • A stylish transformation

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