Tuscany Blinds & Shutters Ltd: A small company, with big objectives

It’s true what they say; great things really do come in small packages, and never was that sentiment more true than in the case of the independent business, Tuscany Blinds & Shutters Ltd. In our ongoing effort to provide real insight into this area’s local businesses, we interviewed power-trio Steve, Graham and Chris to find out what makes Tuscany so special.

So Steve, what made you set up the company?
Steve: I originally started Tuscany as a side business, working evenings and weekends with some help from my dad, whilst still being employed full-time with another company. The business slowly began to take off and I realised that I couldn’t do everything myself, but I knew I wanted to give this business the room and attention it needed to grow.

I had already worked with both Graham and Chris in the past at a previous company and I knew that they shared the same passion and work ethic that I wanted Tuscany to be known for.

…And what are those standards?
Steve: Simple, but important things, like keeping promises, always being honest with clients, and above all, leaving a lasting impression that our work is of an incredibly high quality, and all for a fair price.

What makes you unique?
Graham: I think the fact that when someone calls, they are guaranteed to either come through to myself or Steve is pretty special.  I can completely sympathise with customers who are desperately trying to get through to a business who just never seem to pick up the phone, and to have an owner of the company on the other end of the line means they benefit from that first-hand knowledge and experience.

What are your core company values?
Steve: Good quality products at affordable prices. We’ll never overprice a product just to offer a ridiculous “special discount”, because we try to keep it as close to the margins—whilst still being able to feed and clothe our families—as we can.

Graham: For me, it’s our honesty. If someone is asking for an expensive product that I know just isn’t going to work in their home, we would never force that sale if we know in our hearts that the end result isn’t the best option for them.

Can you give our readers an example of something you do a little differently compared to other companies in terms of installations?
Steve: With regard to shutters, where we can, and often we can, we don’t actually drill into the window itself, to avoid damaging the frame. It takes a little longer to do, but the end result is far better.

Graham: It’s a little thing, and it’s not to say doing it the other way is wrong, but God forbid you need to change or there’s a problem with a window, then you’ll have to dismantle the blinds/shutters too.

Chris: We also use decorator’s caulk, to fill in any gaps where the original window isn’t perfectly symmetrical.  This gives you a truly finished result, similar to fitted furniture, only it is for windows.



How do you ensure the quality of what you do?
Chris: From start to finish you’ll only ever deal with Graham, Steve or myself. Our small, but effective team works so well together. We’re always in communication, always checking-in with the customer, so that we don’t miss anything along the way.

What is it about this industry that you enjoy most?
Graham: It probably sounds a bit mad if you’ve never had professional blinds fitted before, but they really can transform a space.

Steve: It’s true. We’ve had such drastic transformations, which have affected people’s feeling of privacy and wellbeing.  We enjoy helping to make our customers house a home!

Chris: We really enjoy meeting different people and it can be so interesting what you can learn from some conversations.  Giving the time to get to know our customers is important as it’s not a “rush in rush out job” and on to the next!

What’s the one message, you really want people to know about Tuscany Blinds?
Graham: I hate to coin an old cliché, but we really do live by the ethos that no job is too big or too small for us—jobs of all shapes and sizes too—and that goes right through to our customer service too. If clients have questions or queries, we welcome their call, even if it seems like something small to them, we make it our business to always be only a phone call away.

If you have an up-coming blind or shading project and you want to speak to the team at Tuscany Blinds & Shutters Ltd. then get in touch for advice and a no
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t. 01202 848 628
e. info@tuscanyblinds.com
w. www.tuscanyblinds.com

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