The Dancing Moose Wimborne: The roast to end all roasts

Sunday is a bittersweet kind of day. On the one hand it’s sadly the last day of the 9-5ers’ weekend, on the other hand it is the primary opportunity to enjoy the signature dish of the day; the roast dinner.

Popularity of the Great British roast originated around the time of King Henry VII, when nobility would gather to feast on an array of delicious meats, and whilst the less well-off couldn’t afford the more extravagant proteins, it didn’t stop them from getting together. Since the Bakery wasn’t aloud to trade on a holy day, townspeople were invited to drop their joints of meat off on route to church, to cook in the cooling bread ovens, and collect post-worship to sit down for a delicious meal with loved ones. Hence, the tradition was born.

Today, numerous households around the UK sit down to enjoy their own interpretations of the famous dish, and equally as many choose to dine out—a more preferable option for me personally because, duh: no washing up, and my walls don’t suffer from their own bout of meat sweats for days after.

In the pursuit of finding the perfect roast outside of the family home the House team ventured to The Dancing Moose Wimborne to sample theirs, and here’s how it went.

We arrived at the vibrant redbrick building on the corner of the High Street one lazy afternoon, excited for the culinary exploits ahead. True to their signature style the interiors are a mash-up of movie memorabilia, spirited quotes, and other such symbols of pop culture; setting the tone for a characterful, laid-back eatery. We approached the bar only to find two cheeky chaps whipping up some libations behind it. The duo greeted us, took our relevant drinks orders, and seated us in their second-floor, casual dining room, which was equally as splurged in characteristic décor.

The team abided by our usual unspoken seating plans—Ross to my left, Vicky opposite—and got themselves suitably comfortable for the feast ahead. Jean buttons were being loosened and napkins were tucked into shirts just as the chef entered to explain the forthcoming happenings. Today was going to be a relaxed affair, with a family-style serving of meat and our own individual accompaniments—which I was glad of because what kind of a sick person wants to “share” roast potatoes? Speaking of…


First to arrive were our own individual plates of trappings. Of course the usual suspects were there—roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and the world’s largest Yorkshire pudding—but there were a few special editions too. At the bottom of the vegetable stack was this beautiful mustard infused, creamed cabbage; something I would never think to add to a roast, but it was incredible, if not one of the best things on the plate. Even the vegetables were extra special, covered in their own unique blend of herbs and spices–seriously chef, what was in those parsnips?!

Having each been given our own boatload of flavoursome gravy in preparation, it was now time for the meat to make an entrance. It was magical. Kind of like that scene in Beauty and the Beast where all the re-incarnated furniture comes in singing and dancing, with giant trays of incredible desserts; only it was two (although dazzling) gents sporting checkered shirts and perfectly groomed beards, carrying trays of delicious meat. Yes 2K18!

I don’t think it would be totally unfair to say that chicken is probably the least likely to be ordered in the presence of beef and lamb, however, the Lemon and Herb Chicken was absolutely amazing and coincidently my favourite in the end. It was moist, with a little crispy skin, rich in zesty flavour and just all around delicious. Next up was the beef, which was cooked and seasoned perfectly, with a gorgeous pink centre, and then there was the lamb, which was equally as good, too with a slightly pink tinge, and a beautiful earthy rich aroma.


Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, something wonderful happened…out came three, piping hot skillets of cauliflower cheese—sweet, gooey cheese *wipes mouth*. Needless to say it was seriously enjoyable, and the perfect wrap up to what was without a doubt THE BEST ROAST I have ever had, outside of home (I have to say that last part for legal reasons, as my mother will hunt me down if I don’t).

I cannot recommend getting yourself down to The Dancing Moose in Wimborne for a delicious roast enough. But be warned; booking is most definitely recommended.

By Charlotte Williams

t. 01202 849444
a. 71 High Street, Wimborne BH21 1HS

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