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Five Reasons Why Homeowners Choose Weatherboard Cladding
Our homes are the center of our memories, sometimes gathered over many years in the same property. While we periodically decorate inside (When that room needs doing) and display more of those memories around the house, outside can get a little neglected.

When the time comes to give the outside of your home some TLC, sometimes a few coats of paint will do the trick but if you are looking for a new look or there are issues with brickwork or render then weatherboard cladding could be the answer.

What is Weatherboard Cladding?
With a look of East Coast American properties, weatherboard cladding covers parts or all of the outside of your home, offering protection against the elements and some addition thermal insulation. Unlike traditional timber, durable composite materials are used to manufacture boards that are low maintenance and long lasting, often with a wood effect and range of colours that wonderfully enrich your home’s look.

If it’s time for the outside of your home to get a makeover, here are five reasons why homeowners choose weatherboard cladding.

  1. Transformation
    Newly moved in or time for a big change, to have a dramatic impact and create a unique look, homeowners are opting for weatherboard cladding. Professionally designed & installed weatherboard projects provide a very stylish and fashionable transformation that truly enhances that Kurb appeal.
  2. Renovation
    Where a property has issues such as blown and cracked render or brickwork in disrepair, weatherboard cladding is an exceptional alternative to repointing brickwork, re-rendering or extensive repairs. By choosing a weatherboard cladding solution, homeowners can reduce the time renovations take and save money, especially on future maintenance and ongoing repair costs. 
  3. Protection
    Properties that are located in coastal or exposed areas benefit tremendously from installing protective cladding that wards off the harmful effects of our sometimes harsh but ever changing weather. Home owners are installing weatherboard cladding for peace of mind that their homes have got that extra layer of defense against the elements.
  4. Insulation
    Some homeowners choose weatherboard cladding to add an additional layer to the walls of their home for improved insulation. As part of Apple’s New England Weatherboard Cladding solution a waterproof and weather-sealed thermal membrane is applied directly to the wall before cladding is applied, providing that added insulation reducing the amount of heat lost through walls and helping to keep those energy bills down a little.    
  5. Increase value
    Weatherboard cladding is a great choice for homeowners that have decided to invest in their property for the future by renovating now and enjoying the upgraded look and feel until it’s time to move or for increasing the resale value and appeal right now, attracting more potential buyers likely to pay the higher end of the valuation.



Benefits of Apple’s Weatherboard Cladding

  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Stylish transformation
  • Durable – Long lasting
  • Professional installation
  • Low maintenance
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Up to 5 Years 0% Credit
  • Up to 33% Discount

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