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Richard Pettifer is the Manager of our Westbourne Personal Lines Team who specialise in Home, Motor and Travel insurance. A-One Insurance is a professional and highly visible broker based in and around the South of the UK. Our clients renew with us year on year and refer their friends to us as they know we keep our promises, trust our philosophy and deliver a high level of service and reassurance. Whatever you need from home insurance to complex commercial risk advice we can provide a solution designed to meet your individual requirements. We’re proud of our in house claims team providing you with advice and support when you need it most. For that extra personal touch why not visit us locally in branch at Westbourne or Ringwood, we recognise the value that having a dedicated person brings to your peace of mind.

What is included in buildings insurance?
If you can imagine turning your house upside down, anything that doesn’t fall out is generally covered on your buildings insurance, so if you damage the walls, roof, ceiling, fitted kitchen and any other structural items, you would claim on this policy. Fire, water and malicious damage are also covered.

Rebuild or resale value?
A common discussion is ‘what should I insure my buildings for?’ Your resale value is the amount your house would sell for. Your rebuild is the cost of physically having to rebuild your home and should not include the value of the land in which is sits on, it is this value to which you should insure for. It is important to give an accurate rebuild cost of your home as if you over-estimate or insure your resale value you could end up paying higher premiums. However if you under estimate could leave you with a lower pay out if you were to claim.

What is covered under contents insurance?
If you imagine again turning your home upside down anything that falls out would generally be items covered by your contents insurance; the sort of things you’d take with you if you move. If your possessions such as your furniture, clothes and electrical items are stolen or damaged contents insurance could replace it. Just like with a buildings policy, you’ll need to estimate the value of the items you want covered in your home. High risk items such as computers, laptops, audio visual equipment and jewellery that exceed a certain value will often need additional cover. Policies where contents cover is up to a set value as an example £50,000, £75,000 or £100,000 does not mean you will necessary be covered for the full amount, if your contents is above the average for the number of bedrooms of your home you may be subject to an average contents amount for the size of your house.

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