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It all starts with an idea. Whether this is your first property development, or renovation project, or your 70th, every project always starts with the idea and vision of what you want it to look like. However, it’s not always easy to take your ideas and articulate them to a third party. That’s where NuVuw’s 2D and 3D design studio comes into play.

Whether you are building a new property from scratch, adding an extension or renovating an existing space, you need the ability to (simply) bring the design vision that’s in your head to life.

We spoke with software and property developer Lawrence Rankin, to find out how his NuVuw (the latest in home improvement software) can make a huge different to designing, developing and collaborating on property ventures.

Focus on Design
New to NuVuw? Let’s start by capturing your design style using NuVuw’s unique Design and Collaboration Tool:

Use ‘Design Books’ within the tool to capture all the things you like and visualise for your project. Simply capture images, plans and notes of your existing space, and include the ideas that inspire and excite you.  It might just be small details—like a set of taps used in a bathroom design—or it could be as elaborate as an entire kitchen you have seen in a magazine, but by building your Design Book with these little visual details, you start to form a clear view of the style you want to create for your space, and this becomes even more important when collaborating with designers, architects and tradespeople to help get a more accurate quote.

Next, model your ideas in 2D/3D:
Bring your ideas to life with NuVuw’s simple-to-use 2D/3D design tools. Build and create a new property from scratch, or recreate and model your existing home, room, or office space. Take a virtual tour of your new setting in 3D before deciding the final layout. You can also decorate your walls and floors in any colour, furnish your rooms from a catalogue of over 3,000 products, and take a HD snapshot to see a near real-life view of your space.

Then, collaborate with Architects and Designers:
Should you find you’ve run out of ideas and want the best possible design, or you just need professional advice, you can collaborate with architects, interior designers, and specialists through the platform. Use the collaboration option to get quotes for the design phase, or full project services within your budget.

About NuVuw
Born out of the trials and tribulations of a keen property developer, NuVuw is an all-encompassing design and management tool for property developers, managers, renovators, and tradespeople alike. Lawrence Rankin (founder, NuVuw) explains: “Using all the knowledge I had gleaned from my past experiences in property development I have built into NuVuw all the tools and technology required to remove the stress from property developments and renovations. Real solutions to everyday property development headaches that you can start benefiting from today.”

Find out more by visiting <>. It’s free to sign up, so take a look today and get your next (or indeed first) project set up.

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