5 Reasons to Install Spray Foam Roof Insulation

There are two types of spray foam insulation popular in the home improvements industry, Closed Cell and Open Cell. Each of these are made from a polyurethane mix that turns into foam upon application via a spray hose. Closed Cell is rigid while Open-Cell expands more upon application and is soft to the touch. Both are great insulators but have different benefits that determine which type is best, depending on the required solution.

  1. Retaining Roof Stability
    If your roof is old and showing signs of disrepair from the inside then installing Closed Cell Spray Foam will protect your roof from deterioration and leaks by bonding and strengthening your roof. Where roofs are starting to show signs of leaking, some remedial work followed by the application of Closed Cell Spray foam will help to prevent the need for major roof repairs.
  2. Create a Usable Loft Space
    Whatever you are planning to do with your loft space, it’s going to be cob web free, look better and be a lot warmer up there with the application of spray foam insulation. Creating a usable space in your loft can increase the value of your home or make it a little easier to sell even if it’s just an insulated storage space.
  3. Energy Efficiency
    You can seriously improve the energy efficiency of your property and boast that spray foam insulation has a U Value of 0.16 W/m2K. (For U Value comparison, good Double Glazing has a U Value of around 1.2 – the lower the value the better!) So that’s a significant reduction in heat loss which means reduced energy bills.
  4. Long Lasting Protection
    Apart from feeling the insulation benefits for many decades, professionally applied spray foam insulation, bonds and seals your roof, protecting against water ingress and roof damage that may occur from heavy weather and storms. Great protection such as this will save on potential roof repair costs in the future.
  5. Moisture Control
    Expertly installed closed cell spray foam insulation creates a more natural air flow around the whole property in contrast to traditional horizontal glass fibre roll insulation. The Insulating properties of closed cell foam helps to keep loft surface temperatures consistent, which controls potential condensation issues.


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