Carter Shaw: Ditching Formalities

Estate agency is by no means a new phenomenon, but every now and again someone new comes onto the scene and breaths new and exciting life into the industry. With this in mind, we had the pleasure of interviewing the dynamic sales duo, ‘George Lawrence’ and ‘Rob Rudge’ at independent agency Carter Shaw. Having moved last year into new offices over in Parkstone, this local brand is going from strength to strength, offering their signature friendly, proactive and honest attitude to buyers and sellers in the local area.

How did the Sales side of the business start?
George: Over the last decade, Carter Shaw had mainly focused on lettings, with the odd bit of sales, until we came on-board. I’ve known Lee who originally set up the company, for many years and he asked if I wanted to run the sales arm and expand this side of the business. So I jumped at the opportunity to be able to work for myself and put our stamp on the local market. We re-branded, gave it a fresh look and haven’t looked back since.

Rob: We’re both heavily experienced within the industry and local area, so it feels second nature to us now. I think it’s a testament to how much we love our jobs, having worked in the industry–through it’s good and bad times – for as long as we have.


And you’re now in this new office…
George: Yes! We were previously based further down this road, but the owners for that site sold it to develop the land. So we needed to move, and it came at just the right time, as the chap that owned our now new office had just decided to retire, after keeping it as a household electrical store for over 25 years. We still get the odd house call for vacuum bags – but it’s nice to be in a place that’s so obviously entwined with the local community. 

What’s the best part of your job?
George: The main reason I got into estate agency was I just loved houses. I loved seeing different properties and curious to see what individual changes each owner had made to their home. But now, the reward is having that satisfaction of working for yourself and being able to help people how you really want to, without being restricted by mindless corporate politics.

Rob: What we do isn’t rocket science, but how we do it is unique. I love meeting people and hearing their stories and again helping them to establish themselves in a home they love. 

You guys are very relaxed, is that an approach you like to take?
Rob: We are. We’ve both worked for local corporate estate agencies – where yes there is a certain amount of pressure – but the feedback we get from the public, is that they hate that kind of pressured, slimy approach. So we try to be the complete opposite.

George: You can be the best sales person in the world, but you can’t sell a house to someone if it’s not right for them. What you can do is be proactive and enthusiastic, coupled with not going over the top or putting people under too much pressure, and people react better to that. No gimmicks, just ultimate transparency. People know what they want and they’re a lot savvier due to modern online property tools, and we have to meet those standards that the public expects. 

Do you have any predictions for the local market over the next 5-10 years?
Rob: Areas are forever changing, and certainly over the last 2-3 years we have seen a greater increase in prices in BH12 in particular, which would have previously been affected by certain stamp duty thresholds. Parkstone offers a diverse mix of property, young buyers are looking at these 1950s, solid builds. When you drive down the road now, people have nice driveways, they’re changing the façade of the property – they’re really investing in their homes. So I personally believe that these properties and those in the surrounding area are going to continue to increase in value. Bourne Estate for example, the prices there have just shot up recently.

George: There have been huge jumps in general in this area. So far, the entire Brexit thing hasn’t had an effect on the market locally, and only time will tell if it will, but ultimately there will always be those who want or need to move. A lot of us take for granted what a beautiful part of the country we live in…moments from the beach and a short drive to the New Forest National Park, there is a lot on offer. Lately there has been a general shortfall of property coming to the market, and can see this being the case for a while.

What’s does 2018 look like for Carter Shaw?
If we continue the way we have, then we hope to maintain our reputation for being the number one independent choice in the area. We look forward to helping more and more people looking to sell or buy a home.

Both George and Rob make it their business to be available to you, any time and as such have submitted their own direct contact information, so that you can rest assured that you will always get through to them, whatever the enquiry. For a laid back and honest approach to estate agency, you need Carter Shaw.

George Lawrence, Sales Director
t. 07557448523

Rob Rudge, Sales Manager
t. 07955078679

a. 337 Ashley Road, Parkstone, Dorset, BH14 0AR
t. 01202 744500 | 07557 448523 (sales)

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