Introducing ‘Hampton Decking’: Revolutionary Decking For Your Home

Hampton decking is the domestic arm of Mayfield – a local business established in 1989. Mayfield first introduced ultra-low maintenance decking products to the caravan sector. Since then, the desire for such decking has become the norm, with busy homeowners across the nation crying out for a hassle-less solution. As the demand grew for domestic customers, Mayfield decided to turn their attention to a totally new branch of the family tree, and just like that, Hampton Decking was born to meet the needs for qualitative, aesthetically pleasing, – and above all – low maintenance decking.

In an effort to find out more about this pioneering local business, we spoke with Mike Jarmey, Managing Director, Mayfield Group & Hampton Decking Ltd.


What makes you unique?
“Over many years we have supplied a variety of plastic and composite decking products, drawing on our experience to know what works and what doesn’t. We are in control of our own manufacturing throughout our production plants (London, Derby, Birmingham and Swindon), controlling which materials are used in each of the products – a process we carefully monitor. Our experience of raw materials and engineering designs set us apart from the competition as there are very few, if any, who have the history and knowledge we do”.

What is your favourite part of your job?
“Development. There is nothing more satisfying than designing a new product or introducing a new material, which goes to market. It takes months, sometimes years, from computer design stage, to 3D-modelling, to product in hand and when it arrives and customers comment that it’s a great product, it’s better than receiving your exam results and them all being A-Stars!”.

What has been your favourite project to date?
“Hmm that’s a tough question as each have their own merits. I would have to say decking my friend’s ‘man cave’. Not the biggest of projects but it was challenging as the decking was a last minute thought (which often is the case) and so we had to excavate the foundations in front of the dwelling, ensuring we catered for adequate drainage, and then built the base to be garden level which included some creative design angles. When it was completed his face was like a child’s at Christmas getting the best present ever. He just kept saying, ‘Brilliant! Brilliant…its just brilliant!’”.

How do you ensure the quality of your products?
“By knowing each and every ingredient that goes into making them and carrying out regular factory inspections. We have an excellent rapport with our suppliers and we are openly invited at anytime to check the process of our products being made. We share information and we have open discussions on how improvements can be made throughout the entire process, including material developments. As far as fitted products go, we use a selection of trusted trade installers who we train”.

What are the benefits of advanced acrylic polymer (AAP) over other traditional materials?
“Ok, its time to talk a little tech. In the polymer chain there are plastics that perform better than others in specific environments. External polymers need to be UV stable and low to maintain which narrows the field to a select few, especially when introducing colours. AAP is predominantly made up from Acrylic with a couple of secret ingredients added. Unlike Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or the ethylene family (HDPE/LDPE, etc.), acrylics are incredibly colour stable and require virtually no annual maintenance. This is why we have chosen this core polymer for the surface of our decking product, as over the duration of its life it will suffer virtually no colour loss from UV degradation”.



How much can customers customise?
“Customers can customise to their heart’s content. We offer a wide variety of decking products including our own Hampton, Trex, A&B Composite and Walksure (timber decking with a twist). If, however, a customer doesn’t like anything in our range we have many more decking products to offer from our extensive supply chain. From 2018 we will be introducing a decking tile which is a bit of a game changer in that it can be installed on a new project, or as a cover over an existing decking product such as timber, to remove the annual maintenance aspect. The tiles will come in a compact box, which means they are easy to transport. Genius!”

I understand you also offer Balustrade?
“Yes we do! To complement our decking range we offer a number of balustrade options and colours. Our standard ‘picket’ style balustrade has met British Standards testing and is incredibly quick to install compared to traditional style balustrading. The system is a true work of art, of which has to be seen to be appreciated. One of its best features is the top handrail that includes an integrated LED track and when lit with our RGB LED lights looks amazing. We also offer a range of glass panel and stainless steel systems too, offering a modern look – used extensively with many new build designs”.

If Hampton Decking has captured your interest, then get in-touch with their incredibly knowledgeable team. Call, email, or visit them at their showroom in Poole.

t. 01202 722722

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