High Tech; Foam Insulation: The ultimate home insulation

For over a decade now we have revered the familiar, accepting fiberglass as the go to insulator for our homes. Whilst old faithful has served us well, it’s time for a modern solution to an age-old heating problem. Introducing ‘High Tech’, the South’s pioneering installer of new age ‘Foam Insulation’. We interviewed owner and insulation guru ‘Vince Rice’, to find out more.

(With foam insulation) … savings on energy bills are between 20-45%.

Who is High Tech?
With a combined 20 years experience, High Tech is the South’s commanding experts, educating homeowners on the limitless possibilities and incredible efficiency of Foam Insulation. Next to their proficiency, their excellent customer service skills – so often lacking in today’s society – is what customer’s are forever commenting on. And with a promise of an honest, professional and reliable service from start to finish, it’s clear that these guys are seriously passionate about what they do.

We were very impressed from start to finish and we have already seen savings on our bills.
Mr & Mrs Birmingham


How does it work?
The foam acts as an airtight barrier in your loft (or base) of your home. The idea is to trap the heat in your home and not allow it to escape. Unlike fiberglass where this process is only slowed, the foam insulation prevents heat from escaping from your roof; meaning when you do put the heating on, it’s going to stay.

Try this; Get the heating in your home to about 21 degrees and then switch it off. Time how long it takes until you start to feel cold again.



Efficiency & Savings
There are a variety of factors that can alter this figure (e.g. double glazing, cavity wall insulation etc.), but in most cases the savings on energy bills are between 20-45%. Where the heat isn’t escaping from the roof, you’ll find you won’t need your heating to be on as long, nor will you need to use it as frequently.

The fact of the matter is, as we get older we get colder, not to mention keeping our love ones safe and warm. There are so many people out there who are scared to turn the heating on for fear of extortionate bills. Foam insulation is incredibly efficient, meaning you can sleep a little easier knowing you’ll only have to have the heating on for an hour instead of three.


If you are interested in having your home or building super insulated and would like some more information, then don’t hesitate to get in-touch with Vince and his team.

t. 01202 879552
a. Plowmans Garden Centre, 392 Christchurch Road, West Parley, Ferndown, BH22 8SW

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