What Can Odyssey Homes Do For You?

Our neighbourhoods are evolving.  In the midst of a housing crisis the government is encouraging developers to replace once characteristic properties, with two or three indistinguishable new-builds. The result? Unrecognisable neighbourhoods and heartless homes.

Property Development does present land and homeowners with an opportunity to make healthy profits, but what if there was a way for you to make money on your own home, without selling it? What if the somewhat tired property you have acquired could be turned into something special? Enter, Odyssey Homes. We caught up with owner and designer ‘Chris Richardson’ to find out more about this pioneering company and their new initiative.

We met Chris outside APOLLO; a luxury home that he has located and built specifically for a private client.

Odyssey-3_162Apollo Before


Odyssey-2_162Apollo After

APOLLO is a shining example of what you do; can you talk us through the design?
Yes of course. We retain as much of the original property as possible. Granted there is very little of the aesthetic of the original property left, but we have utilised the majority of the original structure. By keeping the existing footprint and extending where necessary, we are able to create spacious, light filled homes, sitting in established gardens, for the price of a smaller more cramped new build. Good architecture will withstand the test of time. Therefore, by using materials such as glass, aluminium and stone we are able to construct a building that will match that longevity.

This property began as a 1,800sq’ arts and crafts bungalow. It is now a lofty two story state of the art contemporary home of 2,800sq’ complete with remodelled garden, double garage and a 2.5 story atrium. The contemporary feel continues internally with liberal use of floor to ceiling glass, porcelain tiles and bespoke handmade furniture. Every piece of furniture is completed to a high specification, creating a contemporary look.

How long did this project take to complete?
From the moment we received planning permission to handing over the keys; 6 months.

You mentioned custom-made furnishings?
Yes, we actually have our very own in-house factory where we design and build all of our kitchens.  We want to ensure that our kitchens and bespoke furniture is made to our exceedingly high-standards, which is why we like to keep things in the Odyssey Homes family.

What kind of value can be added to a Property?
Were you to purchase a bungalow for around £600K and spend approx. £400K on the transformation, you could expect the final value of the property somewhere upwards of £1.2M.

However, I believe the true value is in the fact that by buying and converting a property through Odyssey Homes, our clients can get a home that has been designed and built specifically for them.

“By keeping the existing footprint and extending where necessary we are able to create spacious light filled homes, sitting in established gardens, for the price of a smaller more cramped new build.”

What makes Odyssey Homes unique to the development sector?
We don’t work on behalf of a third-party profit lead investor. We work directly with our clients and with guidance from our team of experts, including award winning architect David James and our own highly skilled craftsmen. We plan and create a bespoke home that suits the client’s personal needs. We project manage the entire build from planning application to completion ensuring that it remains on budget, hassle free and quality controlled.  After all, our reputation is at stake and delivering beautiful, bespoke homes, is at the core of our philosophy. Equally should a client want to upscale their existing property then we will work with them to produce exactly what they have always dreamt of.

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