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We got the chance to visit the experts at Superior Fires to find out more about their line of bespoke focal points. ‘All things fire’ professionals Ben Upham and Michael Athay took the time to tell us more…

30 Years Experience
As the current leading online retailer of high-efficiency gas and electric fires, it’s no surprise that Superior Fires have decided to set-up a static showroom, right here in Dorset. Located in Christchurch, their showroom boasts an incredibly wide range of fires; stoves, gas, electric, even LED screens that simulate a roaring blaze. The possibilities are endless.

Someone you might not have heard of (but will most certainly know of) is their parent company ‘Focal Point Fires’; the single largest gas fire manufacturer in the UK, with clients including DIY giant, ‘B&Q’. Chances are if you have ever looked for a fire in B&Q it’s probably one that has been made by Focal Point. Superior Fires is actually the subsidiary to Focal Point – the same talents with new ambitions. The company was set-up with the aim to create an entirely new direction and a service that enabled customers to create something that would fit in perfectly with their home.

“Driven By Obsession”
Superior Fires pride themselves on the quality of their products. Each and every project is given due-care and no aspect is left un-considered. The benefit of employing a manufacturer-come-retailer to create your fire is just the level of flexibility you have, especially when it comes to design. You can trust that whatever vision you have in mind, can be brought to life, leaving your expectations well and truly exceeded. Whatever the budget, project, or style, they are confident that they can find you the ultimate solution.

“…In the sincere desire to provide an environment that will stimulate the senses by providing instant warmth and visual entertainment.”

On Trend; Stoves
For top-notch interior designers the stove is the new ‘it’ focal point – one flip through the pages of a luxury home magazine would tell you that. The stove represents both traditional and contemporary style, which is why it has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Having foolishly purchased a basic stove for myself a few months back from an alternative retailer, I was genuinely gutted having seen the superior quality of SF’s products. Unlike your average stove, Superior Fires only use the best materials, giving the desired authenticity of a log burning fire, without the hassle.

Flue Who
It’s a common misconception that those without a flue or chimney are unable to have a fire in their home, but Superior Fires are breaking convention with innovation! Their unique technological advancements allow them to achieve 100% efficient fires without a chimney or flue. Of course there is something to be said for the look that a chimneybreast adds to a room, well, fear not! Should you wish, Superior Fires can conduct a home survey and installation service, to see if a ‘stud chimneybreast’ or cavity in your home is possible and of course, on budget. This is a great tool for the customers, as they benefit from having on site advice from qualified gas safe engineers who will then provide a detailed survey sheet, to show what is involved in the job.

“It’s our pursuit to question the universally accepted tradition that the fire can only be installed in a room at one level.”

Doing your bit
We’ve all fallen for the romance of a real wood burning fire; being tucked away in a mountain chalet, surrounded by confectionary and burning embers. But the reality of such a fantasy is actually incredibly bad for the environment. All of the smoke and carbon born out of real wood fires is a large contributor to the damage of our O-Zone layer and whilst we might not all be green activists, if you could opt for a gas or electric fire that did exactly the same job as a wood burning fire (if not better), wouldn’t you?


Visit their showroom
Set-up with a unique layout, the Superior Fires showroom provides the ultimate shopping experience. The space is a collection of chambers, showcasing a wide range of styles, in a variety of different room settings. “The idea is to enable visitors to better visualise our fires in their home”, Michael explained. In addition to the home scenes you can peruse their range of flue-less and electric fires within sections of their own, but It’s important to bear in mind that whilst they have a vast range on display, this is really only a taste of what they can do. Almost every product is fully customisable; the surrounds, the back panel the hearths, even the stones/logs. The only limit is your imagination.

t. 01202 588632
a. 10 Avon Trading Park, Reid Street, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2BT

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