Premier Sports Solutions Talks Hands Free!

The latest clamp down on mobile phone users has been rolled out and rightly so. Well that’s the right thing to say of course and road safety should be paramount for everybody. But realistically, is your mobile phone the most dangerous distraction whilst driving? A question I asked myself while cursing at Siri, in an attempt to abide by the law and ended up shouting “no, I don’t want the French translation for the meaning of life”, when I’d simply asked her to call my wife.

So, how many things go on in the cockpit of the car that could also be categorised as dangerous…clean suggestions only please, this is a family magazine. Joking apart, it’s not ok to use the phone, but it is ok to access the phonebook and last dialled numbers via the sat nav module. Both of which are usually down and to the left of the driver’s eye line. Some would suggest it was easier to grab the phone…

Sat Nav itself is ideal if you take the time to set it up before the journey, but any adjustments en route will have your alloys drawing breath as you edge ever closer to the mangling kerb. Glove boxes and foot wells are both forbidden pits of driving danger, always stay away from rummaging around in them!

The point here is, at all times our hands should be safely on the wheel. Car manufacturers have recognised this for some time now and there isn’t a luxury car on the market that doesn’t have some form of voice recognition built in, either for your phone, Sat Nav, or both. Music can be played directly through the car and controlled by multi-function steering wheels. We have supplied cars that will manage your text messages too, so no excuse there. You don’t even have to look back and take one hand off the wheel when reversing with most factory fitted parking cameras surrounding your pride and joy, working alongside that paranoid beep we trust so much to protect our bumpers.

We are in a world where hands free is easier than ever, so there really is no reason to have that little electronic device, that we occasionally use to actually speak to people, in our hands whilst driving. If you don’t already know what your car can do, or if you are considering a new one, please ask your local dealer to go through every function. The Premier Sports Team are extensively briefed in all things hands free, for all marques.

It’s not just for saving your license, or even the latest way to help government funds, but there may be just one thing in your car right now, which you don’t know about, that could save a life.

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