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Rev Gary Pulman offers a modern open hearted and inclusive service for our journey through life

“Home sweet home”. There are many ways to describe the place where you live and it is generally the place that is closest to the heart of the residents and can even become a prized possession. It doesn’t matter if it’s large or small a flat or a mansion, if we are lucky enough to be in the place we call home, it can bring a feeling of belonging, comfort and safety and the energy within it has been known to influence behaviour, emotions and overall well-being.

A house becomes a home when you put yourself and your family and friends within it and there are number of reasons why you may like your home to be blessed by me.

To help when selling a home
Before moving into a new home
After a divorce, bereavement, change of job or other major life event
At the start of a new relationship
When leaving a home that has particular attachments for you
To prepare the house for a new arrival
If you’ve had a bad experience at home or feel “uncomfortable” in any room
After a period of ill health, depression, arguments of just bad luck
If you know that the land or building has violent or sad history

How is the home blessed?
In consultation with you I may use a number of different methods to cleanse, protect and bless your home that blend with any religious or spiritual beliefs you may hold. This can take from one to three hours, depending on the size of your home.   

Who will be doing the blessing?
I am an experienced Interfaith Minister ordained in 2013, working freelance, not attached to any specific religion offering a modern open hearted and inclusive service for our journey through life, for people of all beliefs and those who are not sure.

Thank-you so much for yesterday, we loved it and felt the warmth and love from what you brought into our home. The words were touching and meaningful for each individual room and what we loved the most was when you blessed us as well as this felt so sincere and genuineR & A Bournemouth


Costs vary depending on the size of your home starting from £75 contact me or visit my website for more information:

w. www.creativeministry.co.uk
e. gary@creativeministry.co.uk
t. 07432 130421

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