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Monty isn’t just a dapper tweed-wearing handsome Fox; he is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the world of property. He is on hand to dispense hints and tips on house sales and property rentals to would-be smart Foxes and Vixens in his fortnightly House Column.

This issue, Ruby asks, “Should I let my flat furnished or unfurnished?”

Dear Ruby,

It really is down to your personal situation as a Landlord to decide how you want to market your rental property – however, there are some things to consider when deciding what is the best option for you.
On a positive side, renting your property furnished may be more attractive to tenants as it will save them money and time having to kit out their new home – this may in turn increase the interest in your property. Although, the flip side of this is that seasoned renters may already have a raft of their own goods to bring with them. In this situation, your agent can guide you and would-be tenants in agreeing what is kept and what is put into storage/re-homed based on what is most convenient for both parties.

An unfurnished property may appeal to tenants who are looking to create their own personal style in their home. This can result in a longer-term let as an investment has been made in terms of financial outlay for the items but also a personal attachment. The other positive of this is that there is no onus on you to insure or maintain the furnishings – you will not have to think about wear and tear or damage to your items, which may be quite appealing.

The final option is to maintain a level of flexibility and offer the property part-furnished dependant on the tenant’s individual situation – we at Foxes Sales & Lettings have many years of experience, 20 in fact, of working with and on behalf of tenants and landlords to create a long-lasting and mutually beneficial let.

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