Dorset Design Build; Visualising Your Garden Dreams

With summer (finally) approaching, it’s time we turned our attention to improving our gardens in time for BBQ season. We all have different tastes when it comes to the perfect garden, particularly when it comes to a full remodelling. Seemingly small decisions like; what tiles should the patio be made from? Which plants are low maintenance? And how do I build the perfect outdoor dining space? Eventually add up to a lot of confusion and a pretty big headache. Luckily, there are people, like Dorset Design Build who can answer all of these questions, and use their expertise to take the stress out of re-designing our gardens.



Understanding Your Needs
Your perfect garden starts with perfect knowledge. The first step is determining how your garden will be used; who will spend time out there? Doing what? And when? With this initial information, the Dorset Design Build team will work to create a design that reflects your personal taste and style, and create a practical, affordable, sustainable and beautiful garden that adds value to your home, and enjoyment to your life.


Determine the Land
Before you can start the garden design process they will also need detailed knowledge about the space that they will be working with including the topography of the area, the local climate, the garden aspect and soil type. With a state-of-the-art Leica Total Station system they can complete a 3D survey of your garden, that is millimeter accurate and even pinpoints any electric and phone cables, gas mains and drains that might need to be avoided.

All this information is used to create layouts and fully specified and detailed drawings including materials information, levels and cross sections, 3D visuals and even Pinterest mood boards of ideas, so you can fully visualise the finished garden and be sure the design is just right before work starts.

Once plans are agreed we use our Leica system to accurately mark out your garden landscape using laser technology for complete precision. This is where it gets magical, being able to see your dream garden emerging from the mud.

We make it our business to really grasp what the client’s desires are. We create the most exciting designs, with their needs and ultimately their budget in mind every step of the way.
Peter Jenkins, Head Designer, Dorset Design Build 

Meet The Team
Dorset Design Build are the designers and makers of truly inspiring landscaping, the likes of which give homeowners a completely new found love for their gardens. With over 20 years experience, and an exacting eye for detail their team of talented builders bring their matchless designs (or indeed the designs of others) to life, using the finest quality materials and construction-minded technique. So, whether you’re looking for a re-modelled hedgerow or a full renovation, get in-touch and find out what they could do for you. 

For more information contact Dorset Design Build on:
t. 01202 981669

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