Harbourwood Homes; A bright year ahead

We interviewed Harbourwood Homes owners Steve Courtney and Dean Gaffikin, at the beginning of their incredible journey into the world of property development. Now, upon the competition of their first big site, we are meeting with them again to see how the company has changed, and why their outside the box approach to the industry is sure to shake things up.

Q: What have the Harbourwood Homes team been up to over the last couple of months?
Dean: “Well, we’ve just finished our latest site so everyone’s really excited to see the end result. We’re now moving onto our next; a four-bed, detached new build. We’ve submitted three new lots of planning, one of which is a nine-unit scheme in Ferndown so that’s great news!”

Steve: “We’ve spent a few months now—with on-going projects in-between—re-visiting our two-year plan and mapping out (to the tinniest detail) the company’s next big moves. We’re taking all we have learnt thus far and growing and developing the business based on it.”

Q: …I hear your new office is all up and running?
Steve:Yes! We’re all set-up and ready in Christchurch. It has given our team a new sense of community and pride in the company, which ultimately reflects in our day-to-day. We’re also taking on some
more staff…”

Q: That’s great! So what will that make your team up to now?
Steve: “We are currently undefined. We are hosting a recruitment drive to find more staff to keep up with growth of our company, and demand for the sites/planning applications we have starting very soon!”

Q: So all very positive! Speaking of which; what has been people’s (tradesmen, investors, landowners) feedback from your work thus far?
Dean: “People have really noticed the speed of our builds. As soon as all of the paperwork loose ends were tied up with our last project, we got our guys in straight away.”

We want our name to be associated with good quality homes, and care and consideration for all involved – especially our site neighbours.
Dean Gaffikin, ownder, harbourwood homes

Q: Was it your previous experience in your own trade businesses that made the build that much quicker?
Dean: “Having a pre-existing team of incredibly skilled builders and craftsmen definitely sped things along, but I think what we realised along the way was just how hungry we are for this industry. We never let problems (big or small) slow down the process, which is where some projects can fall down.”

Q: You’ve just completed your latest site, how long did that take?
Steve: “By June we’d bought the land and two months in we were on site building. It’s now completely finished and has had some very promising buying interest.”

Q: What do you hope people will think of when they hear Harbourwood Homes?
Dean: “We want our name to be associated with good quality homes, and care and consideration for all involved—especially our site neighbours. We’re constantly trying to get better and improve, and to always be three steps ahead of every scenario, to ensure that we are fully prepared for even the smallest of hurdles that naturally come with property development. We want to be on top of everything, because if you slack off for just a moment you loose months of precious time.”

Steve: “For the last 20 years or so, a lot of the homes that are being built are pretty much the same, but the feedback that we’ve got is that our style is really unique. It would be amazing to think that that style could be the next big trend in terms of design, and moreover the quality of the build”.

It would be amazing to think that that style could be the next big trend in terms of design, and moreover the quality of the build.

Q: Which of your core values have become even more important to you in the last year?
Dean: “I suppose one of the biggest things that we try to do is be completely honest and transparent as possible. If you’re open with everyone—investors, land owners…whoever—then everyone knows where they stand”.

Steve: “Although our architects are putting the designs together—and doing an amazing job with it—we’re bringing our signature standard of building to each and every project. So for me, it would be continuing to provide characterful modern homes.”


PICTURED: The Salts is an exclusive development of two luxury four bed detached houses situated in a unique part of Hordle village. For more information contact: Mitchells Estate Agents on 01425 616411 or Hayward Fox on 01425 638656

For more information about how Harbourwood Homes can help you please contact:
e. steve.courtney@harbourwoodhomes.co.uk
t. 01202 879 196

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