Custom Made: A Genuinely Bespoke Service

We’re used to popping by offices and workshops here at House, but rarely do we make house calls, that except in this case. Thrilled by the work done at his home, a Custom Made client insisted we visit and see just how good their service is. So a hop, skip and a car ride away, we arrived at a beautiful New Forest home, to see their exceptional furniture for ourselves and ask the questions we all want answers to, when it comes to fitted furniture.

What made you opt for fitted furniture in the first place?
I’d tried and tested plenty of pre-made furniture from stores, but nothing quite seemed to fit. The colour was always not quite right, or it was too big or too small, so in the end I thought I’d try an alternative route.


What made you choose Custom Made?
In all honesty, I’d contacted a few different companies before finding them. A few had come round to quote, but they never quite fit the bill. Whilst they claimed to be a bespoke service, it seemed that they were always pushing their style onto me, rather than heeding to what I really wanted.

From the minute Neill (Co-Director, Custom Made) came round, I knew they would be different. Before making any plans, we sat down over a coffee and he asked me exactly what it was I needed. I left him to go away and come back with some ideas and by the morning after, I had a detailed plan of what they could do and it was spot on. It’s as though my vision had come to life. Everything they designed was in keeping with my needs and the property itself.

“Custom Made offered a genuinely bespoke service. They went above and beyond the usual call of duty.”

How was the service, from start to finish?
The owners, Neill and Steve were there every step of the way. I was so surprised. These aren’t your ordinary, ‘clock out at five’ guys. In fact, when I asked if the playroom could be completed in time for some friends visiting, the pair worked late into the night themselves, ensuring it was done in time.

I first used them for the bookcases in the dining room, then the cinema room, then eventually the den and the guest room. When it came to the den, they really did cover every
little detail and anything they couldn’t manufacture, they sourced without hesitation. Take the bar for example, the wood from which they sourced was from America and was fitted to exacting standards, so that guests could lean at the perfect height; or the brass foot bar, which they seamlessly paired with matching brass fittings and fixtures across the room. It’s all of these little details that seems to be second nature to them.

Their entire team was so careful too. Instead of covering the 100 year old snooker table with a thin dust sheet, they even went to the length of building a wooden box to house it during the renovations to the room.

“These aren’t your ordinary, ‘clock out at five’ guys.”

What value has this furniture added to your home?
It’s brought the house to life. I had no idea where to start with these rooms, but now with the new furniture, it’s totally transformed.

The guest room is the perfect place for our friends to get away and enjoy a space of their own, the playroom is really a dream come true – right down to the specific green of the paint – and I couldn’t be more thrilled with their level of commitment and beyond high-quality service.


t. 01202 737 555

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