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Odyssey Homes, Dedicated to quality

In their third exclusive with House Magazine, we wanted to delve further into the world of Odyssey Homes and find out more about their dedication to quality and just how they ensure it in every home that they build.

Who is Odyssey Homes?
For those who might have missed their previous articles, here’s what you need to know: With an incredible array of unique properties in their portfolio, the team at Odyssey Homes is taking a new approach to property development.

Chris Richardson, founder and director of Odyssey Homes Ltd, has sought an innovative way forward. Chris set up his business in Poole, having recognised the area’s potential; “Where Poole stands head and shoulders above many other seaside towns is that its economy doesn’t totally rely on tourism and therefore it is possible to build a professional carrier, whilst at the same time enjoying the local environment with your family. Historically, houses were designed into that lifestyle requirement. Too often the pursuit of profit has lead developers (myself included) to knock down these perfectly good family homes and replace them with two, or sometimes three, houses squeezed onto a plot originally designed for one”, says Chris.

Odyssey Homes are in the business of taking tired and underutilised bungalows and transforming them into modern, two, even three, story homes. Unlike other developers who seek to erect multiple homes in the place of character-filled single plots, Odyssey Homes utilise the existing structure and amplify it with contemporary finishes.

Every element of an Odyssey Home is designed to an incredibly high-specification, which is why they have partnered with their now umbrella brand ‘Zebrano’, to ensure that every piece of furniture is created to their exacting high standards.

Introducing Zebrano
Zebrano is an innovative company specialising in bespoke kitchens, cabinetry and joinery. All work is supervised by the founder and expert carpenter ‘James Somerset’, who started the company on his own in 2007.

There is no end to Zebrano’s and Odyssey’s product portfolio. They handle all elements of bespoke design, cabinetry and joinery. Whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom, cupboard, furniture, staircase, door or window, you can rest assure you are getting a superior product.

The two legendary brands had met on several occasions on high-profile projects, so it was only natural that the two would join forces and create a luxury property empire. It all began 5 years ago, when James bumped into Chris on the site of a home they were both working on. After chatting, they put their heads together and decided to start a workshop of their own, where they could control the standards and produce stunning products for stunning homes.

Excellence is our driving force
James’ passion for fine-crafted furniture has been engrained in him from a young age. As a young lad he would assist his father at the family cabinetry business, learning his craft and mastering his signature style. Eventually he decided to broaden his skillset by working independently on various different projects. His time spent on-site allowed James to gain valuable insight, insight that he now uses in his workshop, designing furniture for Odyssey Homes.

Zebrano and Odyssey are a design force to be reckoned with. With Chris’ eye for detail and James’ stringent quality control, it’s no wonder that the homes that they create are so awe-inspiring. When asked what makes Zebrano unique, James commented “our diversity”. Both companies pride themselves on having a ‘no-limits attitude’ when it comes to projects. With 24 years experience on his side, and a talented team of craftsmen behind him, James is incredibly confident in their ability to create stunning furniture and the pieces they produce really speak for this spirit.

A testament to their strive for quality was their actions on a recent project when a shipment of timber arrived at the workshop. Having bought them from a quality supplier they felt safe in the knowledge it would be of a high quality, but sadly the wood was covered in glass worm. James instantly got rid of the timber and sourced new supplies. “I wasn’t going to rest until it was 100% perfect”, he remarked.

Handcrafted with care
Every item made in the Zebrano workshop is overseen by James; from the arrival of the raw materials right through to delivery. “When we create a piece of furniture, I like to step back and think ‘would I be happy with this in my own home’, until such point that the answer is yes, it doesn’t leave the workshop”, says James. Both Zebrano and Odyssey Homes only ever use the finest materials. After all, a truly fine product can only be assembled with truly fine ingredients.

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