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Churchfield; Let’s Holiday!

Summer is just a hop-skip and a warm breeze away from gracing Bournemouth town. We’ve already had one of the hottest days on record and Summer 2017 is set to be glorious! Bournemouth is THE place for holidaymakers looking for an authentic seaside experience, and a great place to stay. In fact, out of the 6.8 million people that visit us annually, 1.06 million stay overnight.

The opportunity for buy-to-let property owners is ever growing in this town and the helpful team at Churchfield is here to help you maximise your potential rental income, by utilising your property as a holiday let.

Realising Your Potential
Could your property be suitable for holiday rentals? We are getting more and more buy to let investors asking this very question, and in most cases in and around the Bournemouth area, the answer is going to be yes.

The idea of achieving one month’s rent in one week is of course appealing; the worry for most landlords is whether they will have as much security with holiday rentals verses the usual long-term AST rentals. What is important to remember is that being in the UK means we unfortunately do not have an all year round holiday climate. As such, to utilise your property to its full potential you want to be considering having a six month AST rental running from September through until March, and then open your property up for holiday lettings from March through until September. The main season runs from June – August, however if you are willing to be flexible you will be sure to secure some shorter mid-week and weekend bookings during the quieter months. As an alternative there is always the option to grant short-term tenancies from say 1 – 3 months, to fill up any empty periods. We get a lot of employers looking for accommodation for working contracts in the area needing anything from 1 – 3 months and as rentals in that particular sector are far and few between, you will often see a premium amount paid for these periods. With all the options available to you (if managed properly) your property could be generating more income than it currently does. This type of set up also allows you flexibility should you want it to make use out of your property for yourself, or for friends and family in the summer months.

Bournemouth is already a holiday hot spot for tourists and with the changes we are seeing in and around the town centre, it is only going to add to the appeal of Bournemouth being the place to take your summer holiday on the South Coast.

The Churchfield Experience
Churchfield is an independent company who work hard to offer second to none customer service. We really do put our clients first and work to meet and exceed their expectations. We do this by taking the time to really get to know our clients and their requirements. With our attention to detail, efficiency and professionalism we can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the services we offer. For us it is all about going above and beyond, our office may be open from 9am to 6pm, but nine times out of ten staff will be responding to their emails out of office hours and over the weekend when the office is shut. We have been at properties at 8am meeting TALKTALK engineers to ensure installations take place, building flat-pack furniture and preparing properties over a bank holiday in preparation for a move in on a quick turn around, and visiting clients at 8pm in the evening when they have no other time to meet. Unfortunately not everything always goes to plan, but when this is the case we will always be on hand to deal with any problems that arise. We have a team of staff who genuinely enjoy working for the company and all have the same ethos when it comes to our work. We see that our clients really appreciate this approach through our client Google reviews online.

Let’s Talk
If you are interested in holiday lettings, short-term lettings or long term rentals, please do give us a call. We are more than happy to answer any queries you may have, even if you haven’t purchased a property yet and are just beginning to look into your options. Perhaps you are looking for some advice on what sort of property you should be looking to purchase? We offer services ranging in varying amounts of managements depending on how involved you want us to be and we will tailor our service to meet your requirements. We are competitively priced and as such offer a better service at usually a better rate than our competitors.

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