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All roads lead to… Troy

The heroic team at HOUSE had been called upon once again to venture on a mission of discovery. Whilst our expedition wasn’t so much about rescuing damsels in distress, it didn’t make it any less momentous. We were invited to sample the Turkish delights at the newly opened ‘Troy’ restaurant in Bournemouth Triangle.

The day started like any other, we made our way from the confines of the office, in order to explore the culinary genius of owner come chef, ‘Basher Bengared’. As you walk through the door you are instantly met with a pleasant smoky aroma. I cast my eyes across the restaurant to the kitchen, where a custom-made charcoal grill takes pride of place. This thing is a work of art, complete with an oversized stainless steal extractor fan; it made the experience all the more authentic.

We sat down and perused the menu whilst sipping a Turkish tea – not to everyone’s taste I’m sure, but as a herbal tea drinker myself, it was a pleasant start. The options were endless. Their starters are split into hot and cold and in an effort to attain a well-rounded review, we tried a little of everything. Among our choices were ‘Mixed Meze’ (containing stuffed vine leaves, homemade hummus, couscous, pitta and other traditional dips), ‘Sigara Boregi’ (Aka cheese rolls), Turkish Spicy Sausage and Tzatziki. Honesty, every dish was delicious. It was fresh, full of flavour and something a bit different for most of us. The sausage is a must if you visit; smoky and packed with heaps of garlic flavour, it was a winner. My personal favourite were the vine leaves. They were perfect little parcels, with a fresh leafy jacket and moreish vinegary rice filling. The cheese rolls were ordered for our vegetarian Vicky, though after the rest of the group tried one she didn’t get much of a look in – major thumbs up for the melted cheese goodness.

For main we all opted for various versions of a meat, rice and salad combo. I opted for a lamb ‘Sac Tava’; sautéed lamb and various vegetables served on an iron skillet. I couldn’t tell you exactly what spices were used, but I can confirm it was delicious. Their whole food ethos is actually really refreshing; nothing overly fancy, but the attention to flavour and freshness of every dish made for a really delicious experience. Other choices at the table included a ‘Adana Kofte Shish’, ‘Halloumi Kebab’ and the ‘Lamb Shish’, all of which received glowing reviews all round.

I really enjoyed my experience at Troy. I think it makes the perfect lunch or casual dinner spot, for those who love fresh, simple food that packs a flavour-filled punch.
By Charlotte Williams

t. 01202 920590
a. 5 The Triangle, Bournemouth, BH2 5RQ

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