WN Interiors: It’s what’s inside that counts

WN Interiors are the designers and creators of truly inspiring interior architecture, the likes of which services have been sought out by private, commercial and development clients across the country. So when a private client got in contact, to perform a complete home renovation, the team threw all of the creative energy into crafting something magical. The brief: “…to refurbish a traditional family home reflecting the modern tastes of its new owners, whilst enhancing and retaining all the original features of the property…”. The results? Well…

Meet your team
WN Interiors are a small and friendly team of five designers, directed by Sarah Woadden.

As a collective, they have a wide range of interior design experience, from high-end private residential schemes, through to small space, mass-market developments, as well as
commercial projects.

Whatever the brief, WN Interiors brings knowledge, and crucially hands on experience, that means they can offer you not only inspired creative guidance, but also the support and reasoning of many years practical expertise.



Living room
To accentuate the incredible period characteristics, the north wall was lacquered in a rich blue-tinted grey – the first of many refined design statements. The grandeur of the solid wood fireplace, with all of its robust friezes, creates the centrepiece for everything else to fall in line with, and notice, not a bit of 21st century technology insight. The two custom-made box loungers – dressed in sumptuously tactile suede – are sat in unspoiled symmetry, whilst the carved wooden legs bring it to perfect sitting height.

Sporadically placed brass flourishes give the room an extra touch of luxury, whilst the mixture of soft textiles adds comfort and amplifies the tranquil atmosphere. The space is made complete by the geometric pendant light, lifting the traditional elements for a more contemporary finish.

There is a misconception that designers wish to impose their own taste and style on a client, but at WN Interiors the opposite is true. It is vital to us that what we do enhances your lifestyle and sense of well-being.
Sarah Woadden, Design Director

Family room
With the intension of creating a moody, atmospheric space the styling offers a cozy kind of extravagance. An indulgent black suede corner sofa (complete with chrome studs) frames the room, with a walnut and chrome coffee table in the centre – thoughtfully placed for easy access to all. A stunning 3-teired round chandelier is suspended above, fit with voluminous glowing glass orbs that cast light beams across the furniture. Between the ornate wall panels, varying beveled mirrors are set in juxtaposition for a little contemporary twist and added excitement.


Dining Room
Home to one of the most interesting dining tables, this larger dining space offers a clean-cut, contemporary look. The herringbone parquet floors set the tone for understated elegance, whilst the crisp white walls act as a bright blank canvas for a galleries worth of family photos – each mounted in a sharp black box frame. The windows are dressed with sophisticated lengthy drapes; pulled aside by two brass arms to allow plenty of welcomed natural light into the space.

We work in conjunction with the client, developer or architect, to ensure that every fitting, lighting system, and intricate detail is planned and in-line with the scheme.

A blend of rustic and lavish elements, this room is a more playful take on a luxurious space. The driftwood tables sit proudly in the centre, below a cascading pendant light – each bulb with its own unique golden cord and oversized bulb. Whilst the table itself is more towards rustic, the dressing is very much deluxe, with a beautiful arrangement of voluptuous glasses, polished silverware, and freshly cut hydrangeas. Six chesterfield style chairs sit around, bringing softness to the space.

In the corner, a quirky at home bar houses an array of popular tipples. Dressed with a quilted leather back-bar and gold trimmings this literally cries opulence.

WN Interiors offer inspirational design solutions from small single room refurbishments to large-scale developments and commercial projects. To talk about an up-coming potential project call or email one of their friendly team.

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