Poole Joinery: The Name You Can Trust

Eighties Britain: “the era of home renovation”. A time of floral wallpaper, bright colours and mirrors in almost every room. But perhaps the most influential, was the introduction of uPVC windows. Since their arrival, the industry has come on leaps and bounds with new and exciting products coming to the market all the time. So, in the hopes of fishing out the next big thing, we visited the experts at Poole Joinery to talk about their family run business and innovative new products.


Who are Poole Joinery?
First and foremost Poole Joinery is a family business, with equal family values. Roy Smith has owned and successfully run Poole Joinery since 1994, placing great emphasis on continuous improvement and evolution, to create a company whose customers could rely on them for their expertise, quality products, dependability and an always-friendly service. It is for this reason that they proudly adopted the slogan, “the name you can trust”.

Co-owner (and son) Gareth joined the company in 2001 and over the past sixteen years has now assumed the mantle of running Poole Joinery to ensure its legacy, alongside his mother and sister who also work there.

They work only with the best manufacturers to bring state-of-the-art windows, doors and conservatories to homes across the South Coast. For over 20 years Poole Joinery have been building strong working relationships with suppliers, safeguarding the best products for their customers; “…we buy specialist products from specialist people. Our sliding sash windows for example, come from Roseview Windows who solely make sliding sash windows; likewise with our bi-folding doors, which come from a company who specialize in make this type of door and so on and so forth”, says Gareth.

Windows with you in mind
Gareth and his team are passionate about providing the right solution for your specific needs, dealing with each window, and it’s unique requirements, in it’s own way. There are many reasons why you might decide to upgrade your current windows; insulation, soundproofing, better security, low maintenance or maybe even just for aesthetics. Whatever the case, the team at Poole Joinery takes every detail into account; giving each window it’s own individual assessment and conclusion of what is most suitable.


Triple glazing; know the difference
A lot of people are selling triple glazing under the premise that more glass equals more efficiency, or that three panes are better than two, but in some cases three can be worse. There are some companies out there that offer a seemingly great deal on triple glazing, but what you’re really getting is double glazing with a few more bells and whistles. Allow us to explain…

Windows are given a ‘u-value’ based on the level of insulation they provide. In theory the extra piece of glass awards a further 0.1 to the overall u-value of the window – the lower that value the better – but it’s not just about having extra glass. The problem arises when the extra layer is added to a standard sized double glazed unit. In order to maximise the efficiency of a double glazed unit, the gaps are filled with an insulating gas called Argon. Argon requires an optimum gap (between panes) of 16mm to work effectively and will then reduce the u-value by a further 0.3.

By introducing an extra piece of glass you’re then comprising the 16mm gap and making the gas less efficient. Therefore, you need a 44mm unit – made up of the three 4mm panes of glass and with 16mm air gaps between – in order for triple glazing t0 be effective. Poole Joinery pride themselves on offering a range of products that have optimal double or triple glazing systems, offering ultimate efficiency.

“Every window can be treated individually. Tailored to individual circumstances and the property in which it sits.”

The Latest Products
For years architects and homeowners alike, have craved the authenticity of real wood windows, but without the up-keep and eventual deterioration. The classic range of foiled woodgrain uPVC was the initial answer to that, but with clientele still demanding a more realistic look, Poole Joinery sought a solution and in the process discovered something really special.

Flush Sash uPVC windows are the best of both worlds. With all the integrity of wood and the longevity of uPVC, these perfectly formed frames are the industry’s latest innovation. Perfect for period homes in need of restoration (and top-grade insulation), these windows include some really interesting design features.

Unlike the uPVC wood replicas of the past, the ‘Heritage’ range is the first to incorporate the seamless timber style joints, giving it a flawless finish. Using revolutionary ‘Graf Welding Technology’, these windows are built to last. In the absence of bumpy excess welding fluid (usually cleaned from the joint in the manufacturing process, leaving a small residue) dirt and mold have nowhere to linger on the Flush Sash range, ensuring a good-as-new finish for the life of the window. 

Available in a wide range of handpicked faux-wood finishes, the likeness is incredible. Everything from the feel of the grain to the look of the façade is painstakingly crafted to give the impression of real wood. Similarly, the design of the frame is entirely authentic with every inch being carefully considered to mimic styles from periods such as the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian, right through to
the present.

Poole Joinery are the area’s leading specialist in windows, doors and conservatories. With a wide range of high-quality products and on-hand expertise, they will create the perfect window solution for your home and or business.


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