Apple Home Improvements: The Rise of Resin

Resin Bound Driveways
The popularity of resin bound driveways continues to grow, rapidly becoming the number one solution for creating a stunning entrance to your property. The solution is made from a mix of different coloured, small kiln dried stone and resin which is typically hand laid on a specially prepared base. When set, usually around 12 hours, the finish is smooth, non-slip and very sleek with seamless borders.

While we are seeing more and more homes with resin driveways, there is quite a variety and uniqueness being maintained through design and choice of colours. With options to plan a completely different layout to an existing driveway, changes to borders, and even adding a motif inlay, driveway projects can provide a truly bespoke look, with that all important WOW-factor and kerb appeal.


Long Lasting, Low Maintenance
Along with the aesthetic appeal there are some fantastic practical benefits offered by resin driveways. The non-slip surface is very hard wearing, free from loose stones and is resistant to oil stains. A driveway laid with good quality resin will be UV resistant so it will not fade. Unlike block paving, there is little or no weeding required, leaving the area much easier to keep clean and looking great.

You can expect a resin driveway to have a 10-year guarantee, but in reality they will last a lot longer before needing any work to extend longevity.   

Planning permission
A key factor that has spurred the rise of resin driveways is that no planning permission is required, due to the resin bound solution being permeable, meaning water will drain through. Where new driveways over 5 Square Meters – with surfaces such as traditional impermeable concrete or tarmac – is laid, planning permission would be required.

New driveways that require the kerb to be dropped for access to a classified road will need planning permission, however access to non-classified or non-principle roads would not need planning permission.

Planning permission may be required in conservation areas.

SuDS: Sustainable Urban Drainage System
An initiative called SuDS promotes a sustainable approach to managing surface water, preventing flooding and pollution in urban areas. Choosing an SuDS compliant, permeable resin driveway is an excellent way to positively contribute to the protection of the environment while enjoying the relief of not needing planning permission. 


Not Just For Driveways
The resin bound solution forms a perfect surface for many more applications other than driveways. Paths – especially when they are laid as part of a driveway project – offer continuity of look and feel. Patios benefit from the hardwearing aspect of resin, as do hot tub areas and swimming pool surrounds, which take advantage of non-slip, permeable and low maintenance features, making the surface safer under foot than tiles or decking, not to mention longer lasting.

A typical installation of Apple’s EvaDrive Resin Bound Driveway takes two days. During the first day the area is prepared and borders created, then during day two the new driveway surface is laid by hand by our expert team.

Once laid the new surface needs to cure, this can take around 12 hours to fully set before the surface can be used.


  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Expert Installation
  • 5 Years Interest Free Credit*
  • Stylish Seamless Surface
  • Low Maintenance
  • High Quality – Hard Wearing
  • Non-Slip – No Loose Stones
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Variety Of Coloured Finishes
  • UV Resistant – No Fading
  • Planning Compliant – Permeable

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