Custom Creations: A firsthand account

This time last year, I interviewed Custom Creations for the first time. Blown away by their obvious passion and gorgeous examples of previous work, I decided that when it came to replacing my own wardrobes, that they were the ones to call. So, in the hopes of finally transforming our walk-in, we invited the talented team at Custom Creations to design, build and fit a tailor-made unit that could give us the storage we so desperately needed.

A little background…
My significant other and I bought our very first home late last year; a charming semi-detached 1930’s build, full of character– and plenty of flaws so we’ve learnt. Never the less, we love our house, but to say that it lacks in appropriate storage would be an incredible understatement. What our estate agent called a ‘walk-in’ I have since more appropriately termed a ‘step-in’; a step-in that has no form of shelving, no rail, no thing. So, having previously learnt of their incredible work writing about them in our magazine, I asked Custom Creations if they could solve our storage problem with a custom-made solution.

Step One: Assess and Design
Our experience began with a home visit from James, who – before anything – sat down with us whilst we explained our needs. The next step was a visit to the closet itself. We watched as James meticulously measured each and every crevice, taking through notes along the way. The final step was my favourite part, picking the colours and finishes, much to my partner’s dismay. We shook hands and the visit was over, now we had to wait to receive the designs in the post. It was like waiting for Santa Claus, only it was actually a wardrobe, but our excitement was all the same.

The designs arrived little more than a day or so later and our excitement was amplified. We couldn’t quite believe all that had been included into the design – ideas we had never even considered. Shoe storage, two tiered hanging, an adjustable shelving unit, our eyes were opened to all of these new possibilities, and all within our budget. We previously looked at each other – having compared the extortionate cost of a high-street furniture company – and agreed; “where do we sign?”…


Assembly Day
Between the initial consultation and the day of installation, I was invited down to the Custom Creations showroom (in Verwood) to handpick the final colours, finishes and fittings for our wardrobe doors. I was greeted by Jo (co-owner and all-around lady in charge), who took my through my various options. I think she ought to win an award for patience having to deal with my indecisiveness, not that she let it show, as she remained only too happy to help throughout the entirety of this project – in person and via the many emails.

Sure enough assembly day arrived and true to his promise our fitter ‘Dan’ showed up bright and early. It can be a slightly daunting experience inviting a tradesperson into your home – especially when you’re going to be spending a couple of days with them – but Dan was marvellous; a cheery, flat out friendly guy through and through and meticulous in getting the job right. By the end of the fitting it was like having another member of the family.

Nothing less than perfect
As the project was coming to an end we did stumble into a small hurdle. You might recall I mentioned we have a fairly old house with plenty of quirks, one of which was the wonkiness of the original door frames, meaning that when the new wardrobe doors went on, they didn’t quite meet. Hardly anyone’s fault, but Custom Creations’ owner Simon wasn’t going to settle for anything less than perfect and so, he immediately got onto building two new doors. Within a week he personally came over to fit the new doors. I watched as he methodically checked and tweaked all of the fittings, to ensure that the door hung in the perfect place – the two doors seamlessly aligned, and meeting in the centre.

The End Result
My partner and I couldn’t be more thrilled with our brand new walk-in wardrobe. It has not only given us more storage, but it’s finally given us space back elsewhere to improve our home and general day-to-day use of it. Now the real question remains; what can you do for us next Custom Creations?

By Charlotte Williams

Contact Custom Creations on:
t. 01202 823231
a. Unit 1, Enterprise Park, Blackmoor Road, Ebblake Industrial Estate, Verwood BH31 6YS

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