Ask the Interior Design Expert About Colour

Katie Thomas, Design Director, KTM Design

As the lead designer at KTM Design, I work on the interior design of all sorts of spaces across the UK. From vibrant offices that give businesses that winning edge, to sophisticated cocktail bars, to houses that deserve a new lease of life.

Regardless of the type of space or project requirements, there is always one thing that seems to puzzle clients the most. Colour. It is most prominent with residential clients, whether I am helping them prepare their home for sale or redesigning their home for personal use. The most important thing is to not let colour scare you. By using my top tips and following a few simple rules, your colour nightmares will vanish. And if they don’t, feel free to call the number below!

When choosing a background colour for a room, consider how much light the room gets. Bear in mind that if the room faces north, colours in it will appear ‘colder’ than in a south-facing room. Use pale colours to push the walls of a small room backwards and make it appear bigger. In contrast, dark colours make the walls feel like they are closing in on you. This is great if you want to make a large space feel cosier, but must be avoided if you’re trying to increase a sense of space.

In a small home, use a palette of tonal colours – colours that are only marginally lighter or darker than each other – to help the space feel bigger. The boundaries between each room will appear to melt away giving the impression of space. By painting each room a completely different colour, small rooms will feel even smaller.

Once you have decided on your colour, buy test pots to do a patch test. Create a test swatch by painting on large sheets on plain paper to put against your walls. Look at the swatches throughout the day as the daylight changes and place them in different parts of the room to ensure you are happy with the colour at its lightest and darkest.

Finally, start adding contrast, texture, layers and accents through the furnishings and accessories. Now you can start bringing in pattern!

If you are thinking about making changes to your home or commercial space in the upcoming months and wondering how an Interior Designer can help you save time and money, do get in touch.

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