Intelligent Workplace Design: Preparing for the Future

As the lead designer at KTM Design, I work with organisations nationwide to create the best working environment for their business, their people and their culture. One of our main focuses is providing flexible design solutions that lend themselves to future expansion and changes within the organisation.

Changes in technology and predicted shifts in workplace culture means it is more important than ever for organisations to have workplaces with flexibility built into the design. It is hard for companies to predict what job functions there will be in the next few years and to accurately predict what new staff they will need. After all, there are lots of crucial job roles now that were non-existent five years ago.

By having adaptable furniture in a flexible workspace, it is easy to integrate new technologies as and when they are needed. Companies feel they need the room to expand and grow but don’t want to pay for space that is not used – especially as the workspace is the second highest expense for a business. As a result, adaptable furniture will become a more popular choice for many offices.

Furniture and equipment with integrated technology that allow quick set-up and connections are becoming a big priority. We are seeing a growing number of solutions that offer connections to shared displays with the aim of promoting collaboration, and shared tables with built-in displays are finding their place in more workplaces.

On the design side of technology, we use virtual and augmented reality to allow companies the opportunity to visualise their new space before construction begins.

For me, design is all about designing for people, and this ethos is becoming more apparent in workplace design world-wide as more employers are recognising that taking care of their employees’ wants and needs results in a happier, healthier workplace. In turn, this has endless benefits such as increased productivity, higher staff retention and an improved bottom line.

With workplace clients all across the UK, from start-ups to large global organisations, KTM Design are experts in creating the right working environments for businesses.

If you are thinking about making changes to your home or commercial space in the upcoming months and wondering how an Interior Designer can help you save time and money, do get in touch.

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