Welcome to the Brand New Wassmuffin Mixed Martial Arts Academy

It is finally here, Wassmuffin Mixed Martial Arts Academy.  At Fitter Than Fit we are proud to introduce our new gym to you all.  It has been a long time coming, we have been the littlest Hobos of the Thai boxing World for so long it seemed like a distant dream to get our own place at times.

It has all come together for us now at a new location in Boscombe on the main Christchurch Road, a shiny new gym with all the trimmings (well some of them, still a few little things to finish) after a massive renovation, which was a huge job. A lot of people thought we had bitten off more than we could chew, but hard work prevails and after two months an old charity furnishing shop was turned into a great new Wassmuffin Academy.

It is a spacious gym with Ladies and Gents toilets, changing rooms, one full wall of hanging bags, a large reception area, a 12ft ring at the back and various fitness equipment including kettle bells, sandbells, steps, dumbbells, core and med balls.  We also have a large number of pads, gloves, shin pads and head guards that can be borrowed.

We will also start selling merchandise in our shop. We are lucky enough to be ambassadors for the very popular and ever-growing Combat Dollies fitness wear, run by someone in the industry who also trains and fights, so she has full awareness of what woman want and need when training, which is incredibly important.  Recently we were given a second set of exclusive Limited Edition Wassmuffun/combat Dollies leggings and sports bra set which was so popular it sold out within a day. So, watch this space for more training gear coming in stock in the future. Wraps are also always available in the shop as an essential with gloves, Thai shorts and Shin pads to follow.  As well as a small collection from the Clean Freak range to keep all your kit fresh and clean. We will soon also be selling protein shakes and drinks.

As always, we have a wide variety of classes and have added a lot of new ones to the time table as well as courses.  These courses last 6 weeks ranging from once to twice a week for the cost of £50, it’s a fantastic price and we are pleased to be able to offer these with amazing experienced instructors for a price that means all people can train with us.  Each class ranges between an hour and an hour and a half so more than worth your money.  We also offer a platinum membership which includes all classes on our timetable and free membership for one child between 5 -10 years old.  We have some unbelievable membership deals which give the opportunity to train in just our fitness classes which I will talk more about in the next issue.

We have children’s classes every day now with Thai boxing 4 days a week and a Thursday Capoeira which is a Brazilian martial art and includes gymnastics and Thai boxing moves. Our ever popular bootcamp is still running every morning which is a mixture of fitness, strength, toning and core using the Thai boxing basics on pads and bags and circuit and body weight training.  Thursday is the only morning we don’t have bootcamp, at the moment, as we have our wonderful Yoga Instructor Rachel teaching an early morning Vinyasa yoga class, which develops strength, flexibility and agility all things athletes and others could do with in everyday life.

All this and our 9.30am Thai fit class which has become so popular we have now made it a mixed class three days a week.  Our Thai boxing class also takes place in the evening with our usual evening bootcamp and boxing classes. Take a look at our time table and see for yourself our new and old classes.

Finally please let us invite you to our launch party on September 30th from 3pm – 9pm with nibbles and maybe a glass of bubbly. Come early for a go on the pads with head coach Michael or a little later just for a nosey. You can drop in any time to get your 10% of our membership if you sign up on the day!

We are so excited about this and sure you will be too, please come to what we believe is the friendliest gym in town.  We train people of all shapes sizes and persuasions without judgement, just fun and hard training to get the results you want.  We are like one big family and support and thrive with each other and look forward to you joining us.

Your first class is FREE, all you need to do is turn up, the rest is easy!

Charlie 07968855163 or Michael 07766090116
e. info@fitterthanfit.co.uk
w. www.fitterthanfit.co.uk
a. Wassmuffin Mixed Martial Arts Academy, 686 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth Dorset BH7 6BT

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