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 If home is where the heart is, the heart is where the kitchen is.

More and more people are transforming their homes into all-encompassing entertainment zones – gorgeous open-plan spaces perfect for get-togethers. With the single biggest family get-together on the horizon (Christmas) it’s time to get serious about remodelling the heart of the home. We spoke with design-expert ‘Gary Keene’, to find out what’s hot in kitchens.

The Old and The New
The mixing of textures and materials is prevalent throughout contemporary homes now. Tired of a uniformed approach, people are looking to embrace the new whilst still paying homage to more traditional, characterful design. Picture hand-painted cabinets, mixed with highly polished stone, a rustic lumber breakfast bar, made complete with chrome fixtures and modern amenities…it’s about creating interest. Whilst kitchens are primarily a functional space, there’s no need for them to look so and with the advanced guard technology that is on the market, there’s no need to play it safe – the only limit is the imagination of your designer, and at Kitchen House that isn’t a problem.

To the Surface
For the last fifteen years granite has become the go-to for modern worktops, but like all trends, change is coming. The latest surface obsession is ‘Quartz’; granite’s arguably superior sibling. Quartz comes in an incredibly broad range of colours (including large scale, single colour slabs for islands) patterns and effects, making application easier and the options practically limitless. In terms of style Kitchen House advocates dense, solid stone and the thicker the depth the better, for an opulent look. “The highly-polished finish will really offset competing matte finishes, so don’t be afraid of mixing it up”, says Gary. Quartz, unlike granite, is non-porous. Where the daily dirt, grime and water can’t penetrate the stone, you can rely on it’s durability and minimal to no upkeep.

Accent Wood
Gone are the all-oak kitchens, in-fact gone are most of the all-wood sculleries. Wood is very much an accent material now, rather than a dominant, but it definitely still has its place in the modern kitchen. Wood has a beautiful organic look, particularly the un-polished ‘shabby-chic’ styles. A lot of modern design can be quite cold and insensitive, but by incorporate sporadic elements of wood, you lift the overall feel, creating a more characterful and attention-grabbing look. Driftwood and olive wood are two beautiful examples of this.

Tucked Away
When it comes to layout, you’ll rarely, if ever, see a stand-alone unit. Everything (including appliances) is tucked away. The idea is to craft a sleek, seamless look – creating or enhancing the grandeur of a space. Why we’re all labouring under the false pretence that we don’t actually have any possessions, we’ll never know, but there’s no denying that it is a running theme. Even handles are subject to the boot, with more and more ‘push to open’ doors coming in, furthering the uninterrupted streamline design. Designers have to be incredibly clever with storage too, utilising every nook and cranny as potential stowage.

We are a nation of the now, which is why automation is becoming more and more prevalent in most aspects of interior design – especially within kitchens. Appliance manufactures are focusing their efforts on computerising their products, so that you can operate your kitchen at the swipe of a phone or tablet. Kitchen House is currently stocking automated coffee machines (and ovens), complete with built in WIFI, so you can ask your guests without leaving the dining table. Using the 3D graphics on the iPad they can choose exactly how they would like their coffee, walk to the machine and it will be there. It’s a little something known as ‘Home Connect’.

“Refrigeration is the new status symbol”

Put The Cool In Cool
Refrigeration is the new status symbol. We’ve always been inspired by those iconic double door units, complete with water filtration and all the bells and whistles, but now this is much more than inspiration and rather more an abnormal game of ‘how big is your fridge’. “There’s almost no way these fridges could be filled by a domestic home, but people love them”, says Gary. The latest lines even have cameras fitted, so you can see exactly what is in stock the next time you go food-shopping – what a time to be alive!

Meet The Experts
As the ‘designers and suppliers of the WOW factor’, Kitchen House are one of the leading kitchen specialists in the South. With an incredibly broad portfolio, Kitchen House handles everything from fixed-budget, to large-scale designer kitchens and with over 30 years experience you can rely on their skilful hands and impeccable reputation. As an independent business Kitchen House offer flexibility and diligence well beyond the high-street chains, leaving you with a quality kitchen unlike any other. Find Gary and his talented team at their stunning showroom on ‘Castle Lane’, just beyond the ‘Castle Point’ shopping centre.

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