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Picture this; last year, you had a new stone floor installed somewhere in your home. When you first got it, it was beautiful, highly polished and pristine; you couldn’t wait to come down for your morning coffee to see it. Since then it has been subject to all manner of stains, scuffs, trodden in dirt and those few unfortunate ‘accidents’ the kids and dog couldn’t control. You feel at a loss, your mind calculating the cost of a replacement. Likewise with your kitchen worktops, which once immaculate are now covered in scratches and scrapes. Well, hang on for just one moment, because All Surface Care is what some are calling ‘stone restoring miracle workers’.

Specialising in refurbishing interior and exterior surfaces, All Surface Care offer expert cleaning and craftsman restoration of limestone, slate, granite, marble and all other manor of stone floors, worktops and natural stone patios.

20 Years Of Experience
Local owner and stone rejuvenator ‘Nigel Haslett’ started the company over 20 years ago. Having noticed the growing popularity (among his own love) for stone in people’s homes, he saw an opportunity to cultivate his passion and so All Surface Care was born.

Not Your Average Clean
This is not a spray and wipe situation, in-fact Nigel’s highly technical cleaning process includes absolutely no harmful chemicals what so ever. Using a process known as ‘Diamond Cleaning’, a specialised buffing pad is used to polish the stone. The pads are impregnated with different grades of micro-diamonds that exfoliate the surface of the stone, removing any dirt, scratches or stains, leaving you with showroom like results. You will be blown away by the results that this equipment can achieve!



Safe For The Family
Unlike a lot of high-street sprays and bleaches, this process requires zero harsh chemicals. Whilst you might think treating the floor with anti-bacterial products is helping your family (and pets), it can actually be incredibly harmful and moreover harmful to the floor or worktop itself. Harsh chemicals, even those that claim to be stone specific, erode the quality of the stone, dulling the finish.

Another point to be made is their effects on the environment; where All Surface Care does not use cleaning products at all, it is a far more eco-friendly process. Even their sealant is made from natural sources, so you can rest assure that you are choosing an all around safe (not to mention efficient) service.

Nothing Is Impossible
You might be looking at your floor or work surface thinking “this is beyond repair!” but fear not. Not only does All Surface Care specialise in cleaning stone, they even repair and restore it.

If you have an area of worktop cracked or acid etched, their skilled stoneworkers can fill the cracks and seamlessly resurface and blend etches in with the original stone. Likewise if the floor has many widespread scratches and marks, Nigel will work tirelessly until it is restored to a magnificent, like new standard.

Nigel has totally transformed floors, both interior and exterior in his 20 years. Rendering customers speechless with the incredible results. In addition to their interiors, their external work covers expert restoration and sealing of block paved driveways and patios. No project is too big or too small, whether it’s a hotel lobby or a family bathroom, All Surface Care has it covered.

Prices for maintenance start from as little as £95 (plus materials and tax) and average time between cleans is around the 6 month mark – assuming you want your floor to maintain its showroom-esk finish. For better clarification of cost, Nigel can perform a home consultation, where he can give a more accurate price before you commit. Having seen the results in these images, I am convinced that this is a brilliant service; one you should most definitely look into if you have stone interior or exterior flooring.

All Surface Care are regulated by the Dorset County Council Trading Standards authority and have maintained an outstanding 5 Star rating, so you can rest assure that you are working with the best, most trustworthy, traders.

To find out more information about All Surface Care contact them on:
t. 01202 620377 or 07899 748333

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