Visjeune: Giving People Their Confidence Back

With the media pumping out flawless beauty’s around the clock, it’s no wonder that the world we live in is so incredibly image conscious. Confidence, especially self-confidence, is fleeting and it’s heartbreaking, but practitioner (and Visjeune clinic owner) ‘Lisa Niemier’ wants to change all that.

The Women Who Started It All 
With 8 years experience in the aesthetics business, Lisa is truly a master of her craft. Lisa began her career in the industry at the beginning of the ‘aesthetic hype’. Having noticed it’s growing popularity, Lisa threw herself at the opportunity and spent time progressing her training to a high standard.

If there’s one thing I gleaned from our interview it’s that this is a women who really cares about her work, expressed most poignantly when Lisa explained; “Every time I inject, I’m always cautions”. What a wonderful sentiment. Even having performed countless injectable procedures, she still takes great care and consideration when someone puts their most precious features (their face) into her trustworthy hands.

In addition to owning her own salon, Lisa is on the board of governing body ‘BACN’ (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses), where she keeps up with the latest rules and regulations for the industry.


In Safe Hands
It had always been Lisa’s dream to own her own clinic; aware of the small amount of bad press that injectables have received in the past, she wanted to be visible, in a place where clients could always find her if needed. “Injectables aren’t just a simple treatment. To perform them you need training and you need the know-how and tools (e.g. prescription drugs) should things not go to plan, and that’s what so many lack”, Lisa says.

Body Confidence
So often the reason that people want to get something done is due to a lack of self-confidence. As our interview went on Lisa’s motives became more and more clear. Whilst aesthetics is her bread and butter, Lisa is so much more to her clients; she is a listening ear and a great advisor to those who are seeking treatment for their problem areas.

“I once had a lady come to me seeking anti-wrinkle injectables. She had gone through some real hardships in life and her self-confidence was so low. Having examined her areas of concern, it was clear that she didn’t need it. She ended up having a simple manicure with our beautician and she left feeling a million dollars. I love when I can help people restore their confidence, however big or small the treatment”, Lisa explained.

Lisa offers an incredibly wide range of treatments. Everything from hair-removal, to skin peels, non-invasive weight loss, right through to anti-wrinkle injectables and is excited to be offering the latest and greatest that all of Hollywood are going crazy for. You can find a full list of treatments on their website (see contact information below), or feel free to pop by their Winton-based clinic for a friendly chat about areas of yourself that you are
concerned about.

Keep your eyes peeled for Visjeune’s next feature, where our House magazine crew will be reviewing their new ‘Fire & Ice Treatment’.

Contact Visjeune on:
t. 01202 523142
a. 759 Wimborne Road, Bournemouth BH9 2BA

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Monday: 12.00 – 3.00pm
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