Broadview: Bespoke Shading Solutions

A Family Business
It all started in the back room of a hardware store in the late seventies, when David Pratt decided to start selling blinds within his already successful timber business in Broadstone. Whilst incredibly ambitious, David could never have imagined that this extra merchandise would one day transform into a multi-million pound business.

What’s so charming about Broadview is that it still remains a family business, even now almost 50 years down the line; with David’s sons Mark and Ian at the helm, the business continues to grow and take-on new and exciting projects.

Innovation At Its Finest
When I asked ‘Mike Lingham’ (head of sales) what his favourite project to date had been, he went on to explain their recent work up in London, for the hugely successful Recording Studio.

Broadview had initially been invited to rehabilitate their roof terrace, by replacing their somewhat worn umbrellas. Only when they visited the site their creative team was unanimously struck by a different vision – something that would totally transform that space. Regularly used as an entertainment centre for guests and recording artists, Broadview created a design concept that would renovate the terrace into the ultimate outdoor party pad, that could still stand up to the erratic British forecast. Broadview planned, designed and fitted a state of the art awning unlike any of it’s kind.

Luxury Products For Your Home
I was under the illusion that the kind of products that commercial clients got would be different to those for residential jobs, but Mike explained, “There is no difference between the products we use in people’s homes, to the ones used in our large scale commercial projects – just more of them”. So ultimately the blinds in your home could be identical to those in a five-star hotel or even a recording studio for that matter – swanky windows indeed.


Shading On Trend
Mike informed us that the way forward was very much about ‘automation’. It’s been a pretty innovative decade in terms of the progression of technology and it hasn’t bypassed the shading industry either. Supposedly in the next 5-6 years nearly all window shading will be battery powered, or in one way or another automated, as predicted by Mike and evidently the benefits are endless. Keep your eyes peeled, with the powers at be regularly attending training and industry relevant expos, I’m confident that Broadview will be one of the very first to stock automated shading, within budget.

Bespoke Shading Solutions
Little insider information for those who might not know; the recent extension of ‘Bournemouth’s Oceanarium Café’ was created by Broadview’s talented team of designers and manufacturers. The iconic local haunt wanted to make the most of their incredible sea views, which were previously covered by towering white walls, so Broadview created a custom outdoor structure that could easily cope with the blustery seaside conditions, but didn’t take away from the view.

For luxurious shading solutions at affordable prices, visit or get in-touch with Broadview.

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