Dream Kitchens & Bathrooms: The Top Four Kitchen Trends That Are Commonly Used

1.Integrated storage and work stations.
It is becoming increasingly popular to integrate appliances and work stations into the design of a kitchen, to create a sense of flow and cohesion. It is important to ensure that appliances such as fridges and microwaves don’t dominate the aesthetic of your kitchen, therefor this focus stops your kitchen looking cluttered and busy. When selecting appliances remember to check if they are specifically designed for integration and avoid plastic aftermarket ‘integration kits’ – these aftermarket options don’t last as long, puts stress on the joinery hinges and may damage your kitchen.

Storage in kitchens is a must, so having a pantry that is tucked behind joinery is a great way to provide generous storage while being discreet.

2.Pared-back colour palette.
Having a pared-back colour pallet allows your kitchen to always sit comfortably within the interior design of your home. Cantilever interiors’ kitchens feature open shelving, which means objects and homewares can still be included in your kitchen and can reflect your own personal style – and can always be rearranged for a refresh!

3.Getting smarter in smaller spaces.
We believe that size shouldn’t matter when it comes to a well-designed and functioning kitchen. Carefully considering the placement of appliances, lighting, ergonomic efficiently and storage capacity is becoming increasingly important when it comes to kitchen design.

We have many ways to help with storage solutions to make your kitchen work to your needs.

4.Being creative with floral arrangements.
Beautiful floral arrangements, large leafy greens and plants bring life to your kitchen space, it is a great way to bring the outdoors inside and adds an organic touch to your kitchen space.

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