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Enter the Dunkley’s showroom: arriving at their site you would have found it hard to imagine that this very much industrial ground, could contain such a stunning interior. I mean this with only the highest regards for their interior of course and not to say that their grounds are in anyway poorly kept – but there is no denying that from the outside everything seems to be a very ordinary warehouse courtyard. Well if you shared the same opinion, you’d be very wrong….

As we all gathered in their first showroom, we found ourselves moving at a fraction of a snails pace, just trying to take it all in. Throughout, the walls and floors were adorned with the latest designs of tiles and certainly not your conventional smaller traditional tiles. Some were patterned resembling a modern Moroccan style. Some were of a size I did not think was possible in a tile. Some were far more contemporary, much like the glossy wood effect wall with what I can only describe as ‘dock yard’ or builder etchings – deliberately graffitied to add an extra special something, to an on all accounts traditional bathroom.


After making our way through the mosaic maze and negotiating a latte from their coffee machine, I sat down with ‘Charlie Rodgers, Sales Director’, to talk about Dunkley Tiles & Bathrooms and everything it has to offer…

Dunkley Tiles & Bathrooms has been running for over 42 years. Currently at the helm is ‘Scott Dunkley’ the second generation of Dunkley’s to run the business. As the only son it was Scott’s birth right (and pleasure) to take over the family business and grow it in new and exciting ways. When the company was established in 1974, the majority of their business came from trade customers, but as the years have gone on, more and more clients have begged for the expansion of their retail showrooms. Well like everything else they do, they aimed to please and gave their customers what they wanted. Since then they have built, what I would easily describe, as a showroom like no other: heaving with options and top quality products.

The team is small, but extremely competent. Where a lot of the chain home improvement stores fall down, is their unknowledgeable staff. So often you’ll be forced to hunt down what you’re looking for yourself, or asked to wait for the single member of staff who is capable of offering sound design advice. At Dunkley Tiles & Bathrooms that isn’t a problem. Each member of their sales staff is equipped with a keen eye for design and attention to detail, as well as some more logistical intelligence too. Meaning that you can discuss your dream tiling project or bathroom with any member of their team.

Their converted warehouse contains six showrooms. Each showcasing multiple bathroom design ideas and a range of different tiles and sanitary ware options. I can easily see why so many people are opting for this independent, over the mainstream stores. The choices are unending, with so many designs and little touches that I hadn’t even seen before. If you’re looking for a truly unique design, I cannot recommend enough (if nothing else) going to see their showrooms.

Simon, one of their design consultants, even took the time to talk me through their general design process. As you might expect, they use the help of digital software (CAD I should say) to plan out your project, but this one in particular was rather special…I have never seen quite such intelligent software in my life. Call me outdated if you will, but I was thoroughly impressed. The level of intricacy and detail that they can achieve with this program is unreal. Actually to be more accurate it’s hyper-realistic: to the point where it can replicate the reflections in mirrors and glass surfaces, exactly as they would be in the real life model. It’s a fantastic service, because it enables you (the buyer) to visualise the final result before commencing any kind of labour. It’s always disheartening when what you imagined would work in a space just doesn’t. At which point you are reluctant to change it, because of just how long it took to create. This service eliminates the need for physical reconstruction and can be tweaked and changed until you are entirely satisfied with the design.

Dunkley Tiles & Bathrooms are known for their stellar customer service. See for yourself, their website is loaded with fantastic testimonials from customers, including this one from a Mr. and Mrs. Lobban: “We would like to convey our heartfelt appreciation with regard to the excellence of design, the quality of materials supplied and the considerable effort applied to ensure that our requirements were fully met. A truly first class job. I can assure you that we will have no hesitation in recommending the services of your company to anyone who might be considering a similar project”


So just to re-cap: stunning showrooms, just off the main high street in Winton, tons of exquisite tiles and top quality sanitary ware and a fantastic knowledgeable team – did I mention free parking, air conditioned showrooms and a free coffee? In short, your one-stop-shop for design inspiration and superior tile and bathroom products.

Pay them a visit at…
a. 4/10 Kemp Road, Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH9 2PW
t. 01202 526206
e. enquiries@dunkleytiles.co.uk
w. www.dunkleytiles.co.uk

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